6 Smart Uses of Alun Stone for Your Skin and Beauty

L’alausteine ​​is a salt in the form of a translucent crystal and is known for its beneficial effects on the skin. L’alustein is most commonly used to absorb sweat and prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It is also used as a natural deodorant. In addition to this use, this translucent crystal has other benefits for the skin of “. Discover the 6 uses of Alausstein to care for your skin and your beauty.
L’alausteine ​​is a natural product that can be used as an organic deodorant to regulate excessive sweating in the armpits or combat foot sweating. However, this is not the only advantage. Alum stone is sold as a rough stone or powder and has other skin benefits, as explained in Doctissimo.

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What are the other 6 uses of alum stone?
In addition to its deodorant effect that we all know, you can use Alausstein for six different reasons.

Alum stone to soothe skin after shaving
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Alum stone has a calming effect. It can also be used after shaving, soothe the skin and relieve irritation. Moisten the alum stone with cold eau and rub it on the razor to reduce inflammation of the skin and soothe the skin cleansed of shaving cream residue. Leave on for a few minutes and then rinse off.

Alum stone to reduce redness after epilation
Redness may appear on the skin after hair removal with cold or hot wax . To soothe and moisturize the skin, pass the moistened alum stone over the dry areas after cleansing. You can also apply a mixture of shea butter and aloe vera gel to your shaved skin before using alum stone. Not only do they soothe your skin and reduce inflammation, but you also feed it, finding soft skin. Note that using this treatment daily will also limit the appearance of curled hair.

Alaustéin for healing canker sores
Cancer pain – Source: spm

Alum stone eliminates the cancer-causing bacteria and accelerates healing thanks to its antibacterial and healing properties. To do this, simply dilute 2 tablespoons of Alun stone powder in the eau and rinse your mouth with this solution.

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Thanks to its healing, antibacterial and astringent properties, alum stone helps tighten the pores on the face, cleanse the skin and thus prevent the formation of pickles on the acne but also blackheads. To do this, run the alum stone moistened on your face every day. Then, dip a cotton ball in some hazelnut vegetable oil mixed with 2 drops of tea tree essential oil and wipe it on your face. Hazelnut oil compensates for sebum production and reduces imperfections. This non-comedogenic oil can be used on oily skin or skin prone to acne as it does not clog pores. L’essential tea tree oil cleanses the skin, regulates excess sebum and fights acne thanks to its antibacterial and cleansing properties.

Alaus stones to heal small wounds
Thanks to its astringent and hemostatic properties, alum stone can disinfect wounds on small cuts and prevent microorganisms from entering the skin. This significantly reduces the risk of infection.

Alum stone to soothe irritation in the thighs
Friction between the thighs accompanied by sweat leads to painful irritation in the area. To soothe your skin, rub a moistened piece of Alum stone on your thighs. With this stone you can also reduce friction and fight against sweating on the thighs thanks to its antiperspirant properties.

What precautions should be taken before using alum stone?
Before using Pierre d’alun on your skin, make sure it is a natural stone and not a synthetic stone. To do this, check whether your stone has the INCI specification, which corresponds to the designation “Potassium Alum”. The synthetic version is more commonly called “ ammonium alum .” Also avoid L’use calculi d’alun if you have sensitive skin. because these can cause redness and irritation. Keep the stone out of the reach of children and avoid contact with eyes. Remember to rinse your alum stone after each use to clean it and protect it from moisture.