Coffee in Orchids: Here’s Why You Always Have Some | should set. I’ve never seen her so exuberant.

The orchids seem sophisticated , refined they are considered noble flowers. They are usually offered as gifts, but there are also those who, out of passion, they grow them at home .

Orchids, some information about the plant.
Orchids can be placed in a boring corner of the house to give a touch of refined elegance and joy. These flowers are of tropical origin “, the classic plant that knows it has very large white flowers that are usually chosen for weddings. They are ideal for bridal bouquets or as floral decorations for the reception venue or church.

The other varieties are also beautiful, that is, colorful, have soft, delicate and cheerful shades or bright colors that create certain textures. These are plants that require attention and care , but not excessive. There are many others that can be considered more difficult and problematic.

Before buying or planting it, you need to identify the suitable position for the orchid, since the plant is suitable for bright places , it loves light, but it should not stay under the sun’s rays for a long time.

How to get lush orchids
Orchids are beautiful, especially when the plant is blooming and produces many colored flowers. To achieve this result, it must be fed correctly with fertilizers. There are those who use fertilizers based on eggshells, banana peels, potatoes and those who instead buy ‘ specified fertilizer .

If you want to make natural fertilizer at home without spending much, you can do it easily. The preparation is simple and suitable even for those who do not have good gardening hands.

We need ingredients that we all have at home. One of the most common ingredients is the coffee grounds , which we usually throw away after making coffee because they are useless. In reality, they are indeed useful for those who have a garden, balcony or terrace with plants.

How to prepare a natural fertilizer from coffee grounds.
The coffee grounds It is an excellent fertilizer for plants , It is enough to spread very little on the ground or in the vase to obtain an amazing flowering. The coffee grounds contain a substance that can grow plants . Cest of’azote. They also keep away snails, ants and snails that can harm them.

To test its repellency, make a circle of coffee grounds around orchids. You will immediately notice how ants, snails and snails change direction in just a few seconds. Alternatively, you can place two cups of ground coffee in a bucket of eau . Allow to infuse for a few days. Once this time has passed, the liquid fertilizer L is ready to use on orchids and many other plants, not just ornamental plants.

Where money can be used and where not
Finally, they can be added to waste in a household composter and used not only to feed and grow orchids, but also aromatic herbs such as parsley, basil, etc, the pepper, l’ail … They are excellent for berries, raspberries, blackberries and Blueberries. Then also for other flowers such as camellias, azaleas, lilies, hydrangeas, magnolias. Finally, they are also perfect for vegetables such as cucumber, eggplant, pumpkin and zucchini.

However, they should not be used on tomato, radish, sunflower and broccoli plants because, according to a study from the University of Melbourne , they have a negative effect. The agents increase the soil pH. They should therefore be removed in soil that is already acidic, even if vegetables, plants and flowers are planted there that could benefit from them.