Forget the bleach in the washing machine: this ingredient beautifies clothes

There are natural alternatives to bleach in the washing machine, economical and environmentally friendly.

These are the most common mistakes people make when washing the washing machine in a hurry.
In reality, we have to dispel a myth: washing the washing machine is one of the most difficult and delicate operations there is. Washing clothes is an important operation that must be carried out with extreme calm and attention, not all clothes are the same. For example, there are the most delicate ones that require special detergents.

washing machine
Make a good washing machine , ^, the first rule is don’t put everything in the drum unless you want to make a big mess. First of all, you need to divide clothes by color. White objects should be treated one way and the colorful objects another.

It must have happened to you at least once in your life, due to haste or boredom, to put everything in order at low temperature, avoiding the worst. At first everything seemed to be going well, but the reality is different.

When washing different types of clothing, whether colored or fabric, the first few washes are always very good. However, little by little over time, conditions change and you notice dull colors, damaged fabrics, etc. At this point you no longer know how to behave and you buy hundreds of products that not only do not work, but are also misused become.

This happens especially with white dresses that turn yellow, changing color, or with colored dresses that lose their vitality and become opaque. Especially when you are faced with objects of yellowish white , everything needs to be evaluated. That’s why you have to pay attention to temperatures, programs and detergents.

Maintains whiteness and removes stains.
If the clothing is stained or yellowed, operation becomes even more difficult. The first solution that comes to MIND is l’eau de Javel . Everyone knows that the bleach removes every stain, in reality it is better opt for natural ingredients and that transport us to the past but that are really functional.

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In the past, grandmothers managed to achieve enviable results without using them. It is not known which chemical products . To remove stains on white, yellowish or dull clothes, it is better to avoid bleach as it is harmful. It should be used with caution only when truly necessary.

If you use it, you must also know how to dose the appropriate amounts, as you risk getting results exactly opposite to those expected.

Natural alternatives to Eau de Javel, advice from grandmothers
There are many bleach alternatives that give even better results. Our grandmothers, for example, did not use washing machines, many did not even have them. To remove stains on discolored or yellowed clothing , you did not use a washing machine or chemicals, but rather an effort, a basin filled with water and lots of white vinegar .

Vinegar is a natural product that is able to neutralize odors and eliminate bacteria. In addition, it has a whitening power that few people know about. To remove stains on clothes with vinegar, add 150 ml of white vinegar to one liter of water .

Allow the clothing to soak for an hour at this point. If you need to deal with scratches or stains of any kind, simply add dish soap then wash thoroughly with water. Sheets, tablecloths, curtains and grandmothers used cold milk. It was a perfect remedy for restoring bright color and regaining the same sweetness as before.

Like using cold milk or removing wine stains.
Cold milk can be used for remove stains on a garment before we start washing. For proper use, simply fill the container with milk from the refrigerator and soak the clothes for half an hour . For stubborn stains, rub a cloth soaked in lemon juice on the affected area and then place it in the washing machine at the appropriate temperature.

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Wine stains are very difficult to remove. Often even the Eau de Javel n’y fails. In this case, as absurd as it may seem, just use gaseous’eau .

Before you start washing in the machine, take the tablecloth, pour some eau on it and start rubbing. The result will be excellent. These methods are laborious and time-consuming, but they are the only truly effective ones that keep clothes in excellent condition.