Faded or discolored clothing, the laurel’s trick to give them back their aspect. “

Over time and numerous washings, even the most durable garments begin to fade and lose their bright color. Often we find clothes still in excellent condition, but that has the air old because it’s really a shame to discolor them and throw them away. In addition, it is not always possible to use fabric dyes, especially if the garment in question does not have a solid color. How do I find the materials?

The properties of laurel, an aromatic plant with a thousand uses
Legendary plant, often mythological figure that symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, immortality and honor, laurel is best known for the preparation of culinary dishes . However, this evergreen plant has multiple uses. From cooking to decoration, laurel has been the most common and widespread aromatic plant in a wide variety of fields for centuries. Let’s think about the wreaths dedicated to young graduates, popular traditions where, with a few laurel leaves under your pillow, you can see future events in your dreams.

The laurel trick
In the past it was believed to be useful for warding off evil spirits ; In fact, it was often used as a kind of amulet, mostly hanging on the interior houses.
Nowadays, bay leaves are used, from which comes an essential oil rich in excellent properties such as digestive, anti-inflammatory, astringent, repellent, etc.

In herbal medicine it is commonly used in the form of essential oil , berries, dried leaves and cosmetics and it is also often found in herbal teas made from fresh leaves.
However, its most widespread use is undoubtedly in cooking, where it finds its place as an aromatic herb in many fish, meat and legume dishes.

How to restore clothes with bay leaves
If you do not intend to throw a piece of clothing that is still functional but aesthetically updated and you prefer to save the argument, this method is undoubtedly made for you.
Laurel is a valuable aid in recovering discolored clothing , but his action alone is not enough.

Shiny fabrics with laurel.
In fact, to create a mixture that can revitalize the colors of clothes, eau and baking soda are also needed. For the mixture it is necessary to fill a pan of a suitable size with eau, add about 10 bay leaves and 4 tablespoons of baking soda. The mixture should be put on fire and brought to a boil. After that, it will take 20 minutes to cook, stirring occasionally.

Once 20 minutes have passed, turn off the heat and allow the pan and mixture to cool. Once the mixture has cooled, pour everything into a large bucket and then submerge the garment to be treated. The garment must remain soaked for 24 full hours, preferably with a weight that prevents it from rising to the surface.

After a full day, you can retrieve your garment and wash it normally to find the garment much brighter than before the treatment.