6 tips to neutralize bad smells in the fridge after returning from vacation!

The holidays are coming and we are all getting ready to leave our homes for a few days and enjoy complete relaxation!

However, before leaving, it is important to put the house in order in order to avoid unpleasant surprises upon return.

Today we introduce you to 6 things you can put in the fridge to avoid bad smells when you come back from vacation!

The first remedy is to use baking soda, an ingredient known precisely for its odor-fighting properties and can also eliminate the smell of laundry.

So just pour the baking soda into a cup or glass and place it in the corners of the fridge. To also perfume this device, you can add 4/5 drops of essential oil of your favorite perfume to the bicarbonate: no more bad smells!

The vinegar
Like baking soda, vinegar has the ability to neutralize bad smells in the refrigerator!

In this case, simply fill a small cup with vinegar and put it in the fridge for the duration of your vacation. For an even more effective effect, you can also put vinegar on a cloth and use it to wipe down the refrigerator doors before quick cleaning!

The lemon
While vinegar and baking soda are able to eliminate and absorb bad odors, lemon also has the function of “deodorizing” thanks to its intoxicating scent.

We therefore recommend that you keep half a lemon in the fridge and you’re done! To enhance the smell, it would be good to put a few cloves in the pulp – and what a smell!


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In addition to half a lemon, you can also use the juice. So, filter the juice of a lemon and pour it into a glass or cup. Put everything back in the fridge and enjoy the magic when you get back!

Seife in Marseille
Like lemon, Marseille soap has an intoxicating scent as well as very gentle stain removing and cleaning properties.

You need to form flakes of this soap, pour them into a saucer and put them in the fridge: when you come back from vacation, your fridge will smell as good as ever!

coffee grounds
One of the strongest smelling ingredients in the pantry is coffee, which gives off an aroma we all love. But coffee grounds not only smell good, they also have an absorbent function that helps eliminate odors in rooms.

To try it in the fridge, simply fill a saucer or cup with dry coffee grounds and place it in the device.

newspaper sheets
A final tip to conclude is to use newspaper, which absorbs odors and prevents bad smells from spreading.

We therefore recommend that you place several layers of paper on the shelves and in the drawers to neutralize the formation of bad smells in all corners of the device. You can also roll up a few sheets and place them anywhere.

As if that weren’t enough, newspaper sheets can also absorb stains; It is therefore not surprising that they are used to degrease glass and remove halos!