How to scent the entire bathroom with a DIY cleaning gel: Natural tips for always smelling good toilets

Cleaning is never a pleasant task, especially when it comes to cleaning certain rooms, such as the bathroom. Even if we invest time and attention in cleaning, it doesn’t take much to find the bathroom full of stains, not to mention the bad smells emanating from the toilet. If you want to smell fresh and clean and at the same time have a shiny and stain-free toilet, you can make an ecological and economical toilet gel.

How to make your own toilet gel
The products you need are:

250 ml water
20 grams of cornstarch
25 grams of citric acid
10 grams of dishwashing liquid
This strange combination has a logical explanation, because each of these products has a specific function.

Cornstarch has excellent properties when used as a household cleaner due to its gel-like texture and ability to absorb water.


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Due to its acidity, citric acid is ideal for removing stains and limescale residues while providing a thorough and disinfecting cleaning.

Dishwashing detergents are commonly used to remove grease and food particles from dishes. However, thanks to its active ingredients such as surfactants and solvents, it dissolves dirt and is able to dissolve dirt and clean thoroughly.

But let’s prepare our toilet gel. Simply pour the water into a saucepan, add the citric acid and heat over low heat. In another bowl, mix water, cornstarch and dish soap. Mix all ingredients together and pour into a container. Your toilet gel is ready. You just have to use it.

The combination of corn starch, citric acid and dishwashing liquid creates a very effective and easy to make toilet gel. This do-it-yourself product offers a strong cleaning and disinfection effect and guarantees the elimination of stains, limescale residues and bad smells.