7 houseplants that eliminate dust and allergies

It doesn’t matter how many times a week you clean: in our homes dust never stops accumulating on surfaces and this is a serious problem for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

If the vacuum cleaner is not enough to keep dust at bay at home, few people know that it is even possible to use plants. Some species, in fact, help eliminate contaminating material, such as dust.

Below we list some plants that help purify the air and which at the same time are very simple to care for and decorate interior spaces.

  1. Bamboo palm

Its scientific name is Chamaedorea seifrizzi , it is native to Asia and can grow up to 3 meters in height. It needs fertile soil and a moist environment to grow healthy and strong.

Placing it at home helps eliminate substances such as xylene, formaldehyde and ammonia. It is also effective against dust.

  1. Dracaena trifasciata

It is one of the most popular houseplants due to its tropical appearance but also its extreme resistance.

This plant is perfect for eliminating benzene, xylene, toluene and formaldehyde present in the air.

  1. Phalanx

Also one of the most common houseplants, it helps eliminate formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, carbon monoxide and dust.

Easy to grow, it can be easily multiplied and is not toxic to pets. Place it in a corner with indirect light.

  1. Pothos

This plant is very common and easy to obtain, as it is marketed almost everywhere. One of its biggest advantages is its resistance. It needs very little care.

Water it only when the soil is dry. It is effective in absorbing formaldehyde, xylene and benzene.

  1. Spathiphyllum

This very resistant plant is very decorative and needs very little care to grow healthy and strong.

It absorbs dust but also harmful substances such as trichlorethylene, formaldehyde, benzene and xylene.

  1. Rubber fig

A very resistant plant that needs very little care, it must however be kept away from pets as it is toxic.

In addition to purifying the air in your home, rubber figs help maintain humidity.

  1. Chrysanthemum

Its flower, in Italy, is associated with something completely different, yet the chrysanthemum plant is one of the most effective for purifying the air at home, eliminating dust but also benzene, toluene and xylene.

It is poisonous to pets and should be placed in a bright place but without direct sunlight. Water it frequently.

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