7 things that happen if you burn a bay leaf every night at home

Laurel has been used for medicinal purposes since the time of the ancient Greeks. Today it is mostly used in cooking, often ignoring the dozens of benefits it offers for our health. Below we list 7 benefits of burning a bay leaf at home.

Relieves anxiety. Laurel contains chemical compounds that, when inhaled when the leaf is burned, calm the body and mind. The smoke produced by the bay leaf contains chemical compounds such as linalool, which reduce anxiety and stress after 10 minutes.

Relieves inflammation. The ability to reduce inflammation in the body is definitely one of the most important benefits of laurel. This property is due to eugenol, which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

It strengthens the immune system. Eugenol also has antioxidant properties, and bay leaves contain other nutrients that support the work of the immune system by boosting defenses.

Prevents diabetes. Consuming 1-3 grams of bay leaves daily helps regulate blood sugar levels. In addition, its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help prevent type 2 diabetes.

More mental alertness. Burning bay leaves has a calming effect but, at the same time, it manages to wake up the brain. That’s why it is an excellent remedy for chronic fatigue thanks to compounds such as cineole and elemicin.

Opens the respiratory tract. The aroma of bay leaves helps remove mucus and phlegm in the respiratory tract. Instead of burning them, soak them in warm water and inhale the aroma.

Increases mindfulness. Bay leaves improve our state of calmness and mental alertness, which is why burning them helps us achieve a state of meditation and mindfulness.