9 items of clothing that you should not put in the washing machine 

It may be very easy for you to wash clothes, but some care is essential.

Washing clothes means separating the colored pieces from the white ones, paying attention to the amount of soap and fabric softener and the cycle to choose. Also, there are some things that you should not put in the washing machine so as not to ruin it or ruin those things in the machine.

The washing machine is durable and can last for many years, but there are some things that you should not put in the washing machine as they could interfere with its operation.

For this reason, it is essential to know how to proceed so as not to damage the machine or your clothes. Check out the list of things you shouldn’t put in a washing machine.

  1. Coins

It is essential to remove all clothes from the pockets before putting them in the washing machine, as they could fall into the slots of the equipment.

This will prevent damage to the machine or causing clogs, so it will no longer need maintenance.

  1. domed bra

It can be easily damaged by washing machine use and lose its shape in just a few washes.

In addition to warping, this results in reduced durability. This point is especially important for gym shirts whose bulge can be removed.

  1. bra with quotes

The underwire bra is also one of the things that should not be placed in the washing machine, as repetitive movements, especially during spinning, can cause accidents.

The thread can come out of the frame and enter the machine, which can damage the system, mainly due to the format, which makes it easier to access small areas.

  1. leather

No leather products should be machine washed, no bags, no shoes, no jackets. Without clothes or accessories.

This happens due to the composition, which eventually causes the natural fibers to wear out, leaving them deformed and lifeless, not to mention the risk of stains.

  1. Crochet and knitting

Crochet and knitting cannot be machine washed as they can lose their shape as they are essentially a line of sequenced knots.

Hand washing, gently, removes dirt while maintaining the shape of the product, which does not happen with the machine, even in delicate washing mode.

  1. pillows

Uncovered sofa or chair cushions should be hand washed to prevent wear and tear. Sewing is not always the safest and can be easily damaged upon contact with equipment. In addition, the filling material can break as it is made of less resistant materials.

  1. cap

The plugs contain tabs that can be damaged if they come into contact with water and, in particular, the movements of the machine’s drum.

Typically made of cardboard, the flap tends to warp and wear out more quickly when placed in the machine.

  1. cord

Lace is extremely delicate and can break and warp if not hand washed. Therefore, if you want to keep a piece of lace looking new for longer, avoid the machine.

  1. microfibre

Microfiber is a more technological fabric with an interweave created for greater absorbency and durability.

When it comes into contact with the movements of the washing machine, it ends up deforming and losing its absorption capacity. It is recommended to use warm water and neutral soap to always keep it fresh.