10 tips and tricks to whiten clothes without bleach

When we talk about white clothing we immediately know that it is the most delicate garment that we can wear and not only because of the texture of the fabric, but also because the color itself is very difficult to maintain.

Clothes with this tone tend to stain easily or lose their color to become more opaque or darker. Fortunately, some tips can make our job easier and give us the color and softness that a garment should never have lost.

10 foolproof tips for whitening clothes.

Wash clothes individually.

By this we mean that do not mix it with colored clothes even when they do not fade. We must remember that with the slightest sample of another color, the white will absorb it and there will be a spot that is very difficult to eliminate.

Marseille soap.

The only drawback of this tip is that it is not very common to find on the market. If you’re lucky, don’t hesitate to get some and use it sparingly in your clothing.

chemical yeast

This time you are going to replace your laundry detergent with this effective and wonderful chemical product. The amount will be proportional to the amount you use with the soap.

liquid milk

Apply a little milk to the affected area and let it sit for at least 30 minutes, then wash the garment as usual and watch it recover its original shade.

Hydrogen peroxide.

Take a pot large enough to hold the clothes you want to wash, pour in some water and place it in the pot to boil. At this point, remove the container from the heat, take the 30% hydrogen peroxide and pour 100 ml of it, let it act for 2 hours, wash as usual.

Potato water.

You can soak your clothes in this hot liquid for an hour and then wash them or take a piece of potato and rub it on the affected area. Each of the two pieces of advice is really valid and effective.

sodium percarbonate

Its whitening qualities are much more effective than baking soda. Replace soap with this chemical when you need to wash your clothes and that’s it.

Let the clothes dry in the sun.

Our luminous star whitens clothes naturally, simply wash them, spread them out and let them dry underneath.

Lemon juice.

Squeeze one or two lemons depending on the amount of clothes you are going to wash, add the juice to the washing machine with plenty of water and let it sit for a few minutes. Lemon has the particularity of removing dirt, stains and leaving clothes whiter in just a few moments.

Sodium bicarbonate.

Take the stained clothes or clothes with duller tones and place them in the washing machine with cold water, proceed to wash in the normal time, then beat again by adding a cup of baking soda.