9 tricks to keep your clothes looking new

Clothing is an important part of our appearance. However, changing clothes can be quite expensive as we always have to buy new clothes. And let’s face it, clothing quality deteriorates very quickly due to the different industrial means we use to wash them. Learn these tricks to extend the life of your favorite clothes.

Who doesn’t enjoy buying new clothes? Unfortunately, after being worn and washed several times, clothes lose their shine and become unsightly, at least if you don’t know these 9 tips.

How to keep your clothes new

Wearing new clothes feels very good. This satisfaction diminishes when the garment loses its shine through use and aggressive washing. But it doesn’t have to be this way: discover how you can keep your clothes looking new for as long as possible

1.can.add  ice cubes into the dryer

This trick is optimal for getting rid of wrinkles in clothes and straightening them without much effort. The heat of an iron can sometimes seem a little too aggressive. Just add 3 ice cubes to your dryer and start a hot program. The water evaporates and smooths your clothes in a natural way.

2. Using a razor blade to remove lint

Lint can build up on your favorite wool or cashmere sweaters. To remove them, you can use a razor blade to gently scrape off these unsightly little balls. If, despite this tip, you notice that your item of clothing is no longer salvageable and looks very worn out, you don’t have to throw it away. There are 8 clever ways to use it again.

3.  Use steam for deformed hats or caps

Hats or caps that no longer have their original shape are quickly forgotten. However, with this simple trick it is very easy to make them look new again. To do this, simply place them over a pot of boiling water. The steam will slowly bring your hat back to life.

4.  Restoring clothes color with salt

As everyone knows, the color of clothes deteriorates very quickly with each wash. There comes a time when their real radiance has faded. However, you will be happy to hear that you can do something about it. Adding 150g of salt to the washing process will restore your clothes’ shine.

5.  Button shirts before washing

It is not recommended to throw clothes into the washing machine in an unorganized manner if you intend to care for them. Especially with shirts, it is advisable to take enough time to button them before putting them in the washing machine. This prevents the buttons from sticking to other items of clothing and causing damage to them.

6.  Wash laundry inside out

Whether in the washing machine or dryer, it is recommended to wash your clothes inside out. Not only will this make washing more effective, but it will also preserve the color of your clothes, which will delight you.

7.  Remove shoe smell with baking soda

In case you aren’t already aware, baking soda is a useful tool for many things. To eliminate bad smells from your shoes, just use a few spoonfuls of baking soda instead of an industrial remedy. Leave it for an evening before cleaning the inside with a clean cloth.

8.  Wash laundry cold

Hot water makes it easier to get rid of stains, but it damages the colors. A cold wash is therefore advisable if you want to maintain the original colors of your clothes.

9.  Avoid aggressive drying

If you use a tumble dryer, you should not set the temperature too high and do not leave the laundry in the machine for too long. Overall, drying naturally under the sun is the recommended method to care for your clothes and maintain their color.