Why should you put a dishwashing sponge in the refrigerator?

It is widely known that to maintain health, one should choose a healthy and balanced diet. However, some people don’t know how to keep their food fresher for longer and retain all of its nutritional values. Although the refrigerator setup needs to be cleverly designed to keep food fresh, there are a few clever tricks that can change your life. In this article we will explain to you why you should put a dishwashing sponge in your refrigerator.

Many people don’t have time to thoroughly clean their refrigerator. However, this is an essential task. The fact that we store most of our food in the refrigerator can cause unpleasant smells after a certain period of time. In order to get rid of bacteria, mold and dirt, the refrigerator must be cleaned properly.

A woman thinks about cleaning her refrigerator.

Furthermore, you might be surprised to discover a wonderful trick with an item you regularly use in your kitchen: a dishwashing sponge. Enlightenment.

Improper storage can cause food to spoil

A healthy lifestyle means consuming high-quality foods. Unfortunately, improper storage can cause food to go bad. Food loses its nutritional value and taste over time. Fruits and vegetables are also very difficult to store.

Pay attention to fruits and vegetables to eat quality food.

Bananas, apples and pears can change in texture and color as they ripen. Furthermore, some products purchased in the supermarket are packaged far too much, which jeopardizes their long shelf life. But were you aware that a dishwashing sponge in the fridge can be of considerable use? It helps to store food and eliminate bad smells from the refrigerator.

A foam sponge to eliminate bad odors

Some people are of the opinion that putting food in the refrigerator is enough to keep it fresh, but this is a misconception. Not all products need to be stored in the refrigerator, as too much moisture can significantly affect their quality. This is the case with tomatoes, potatoes, onions and avocados. But there is a grandmother’s tip that can help make food last longer.

A dishwashing sponge to store fresh food

This tip simply involves using a foam sponge, e.g. B. a tea towel to put in the bottom of the refrigerator.

A foam sponge to absorb refrigerator moisture.

This simple gesture can help reduce moisture in the device. Of course, you have to make sure to replace the wet sponge with a dry one every day. You can also put a dry foam sponge in your freezer.

A foam sponge in the freezer.

To do this, place the sponge on your frozen food after covering it with a freezer bag. This means your food freezes much better and excess moisture is removed from the freezer.

If you like this method, there are numerous other easy-to-follow tricks that will make your life easier. All you have to do is get your hands dirty and use creative techniques to solve some everyday problems.