A cup of coffee and two bay leaves, mix them and you’ll see: they’re worth their weight in gold at home

What happens if they get confused? Housewives have no doubts and teach everyone: try it now. There are   ingredients   that don’t go together at all. However, with this housewife’s trick, we discover how two elements, distant from each other, can become a real ally beneficial for health and beyond. They are ingredients with particular and highly valuable properties, with benefits already recognized by ancient populations. Let’s find out together what it is?

Household Substance: The ingredients to be mixed together

Some housewives have decided to reveal their little secret, searching for optimal and   commonly used ingredients   . They usually don’t meet and mingle.

In this specific case we are talking about   coffee and bay leaves   , which together can create something unique. What are the main ingredients?

  • A cup of excellent coffee;
  • 3 bay leaves.

To make it, all you need is a   cup of black coffee   like the one you drink in the morning, then add three bay leaves.

the housewife's secret

And what is   this meeting of ingredients for? According to some people, as they explain in their videos on YouTube, it serves to ward off any type of negativity and bring luck to the day. A sort of special experience, to be associated with a good half hour of Yoga.

Not only that, in fact   coffee and bay leaves   have many benefits that you can obtain with just one sip.

What are the benefits of coffee and bay leaves?

Laurel is a plant of   Mediterranean origin   that grows in the woods. Its peculiarity is that of being “doe” or rather predicting not only males but also females. The flowers are yellow in color with a charming umbrella shape.

Already appreciated by   ancient populations   , this plant has always been considered powerful from all points of view. Used by the Greeks to ward off “bad luck”, while the Romans have always considered it the plant of triumph and glory.

benefits of laurel

Few know that with its oil the miraculous Aleppo soap is obtained, suitable for all those with sensitive skin and prone to   skin allergies. Today laurel is a plant also included in the list of traditional Made in Italy products, present in many traditional Sicilian dishes.

Among its benefits we cannot fail to mention its relaxing, digestive, regulating and even calming action. Its active ingredients help restore appetite and   limit it in case of diarrhea   .

Instead, there is the most famous and consumed drink    in the world: coffee:

benefits of coffee