Grow a lemon tree from a seed at home

It is essential that the seeds we plant are organic lemon seeds.

Choose the one that looks best to you and remember that your lemon tree will need lots of sun and moist soil.

Few people know that it is possible to grow a lemon tree indoors or outdoors.

We know that lemons grow outdoors year-round, especially in regions where the climate is warm and sunny most of the time.

When we have the opportunity to grow a lemon tree or a lemon cutting, it is very simple to grow it.

You can also have fruit in no time.

However, the branches are difficult to obtain and require special care to achieve quick results.

Growing a lemon tree from seed is a very rewarding experience.

However, it can take 3 to 6 years to produce fruit.

Citrus fruits such as lemon offer us multiple health properties and have the great advantage of being able to be grown at home.

Furthermore, the fruits we can get in the long term are fresher, of higher quality and without chemicals.

Would you like to learn how to plant a lemon tree at home from seeds? In this article, we provide you with a guide to help you with this task.

What do you need to grow a lemon tree

A lemon

It is very important to find an organic lemon to grow a lemon tree.

This is because non-organic lemon seeds can be sterile.

Any type of organic lemon seed will work.

But if you have a climate or space limitation, we recommend choosing the variety called Meyer lemon.

This type of lemon is smaller and is generally used for ornamental purposes.

It is therefore easier to sow it in a pot indoors.


All types of organic soil can work.

However, we recommend using a mixture of peat moss, pearl cotton, vermiculite and organic fertilizer.

A pot

For germination, a container with drainage holes about 12 or 15 centimeters deep and a few centimeters in diameter is sufficient.

It must be taken into account that the tree will subsequently have to be replanted when it has sprouted.

Lemons prefer a container that is a little wider than deep. This is an important thing to take into consideration when growing a lemon tree.

The sunlight

Lemon trees need a lot of sunlight, especially when they are growing.

The ideal is to place it near the window or in the garden so that it receives the necessary hours of sun.

In any case, if you don’t live in an area where the climate is suitable, you can purchase artificial light to grow a lemon tree.

Method for germinating lemon seeds

First of all, you need to pre-moisten the earth in the pot.

To do this, pour some of the soil into a bucket and add water until the soil is moist.

Then moisten the container and fill it with soil. Don’t forget to leave a few centimeters without soil at the top of the pot.

Cut the lemon and choose the seed that you think is most lively. Then, suck the seed until the lemon flavor has completely disappeared.

The seed must remain moist to germinate. You have to keep it in your mouth until you put it in the ground.

Plant the seed about ½ inch below the ground, cover it with soil and water gently with a bottle or sprayer.

Grow a lemon tree while protecting it

First, cover the pot with breathable plastic that will help keep the seeds warm and moist.

You can use plastic wrap (cling film) or a light-colored garbage bag with a few holes in it.

So, don’t forget to put the pot in a warm place where sunlight enters. It is important to check frequently that the soil does not dry out completely.

Keep in mind that excess heat or humidity can cause seed rot, so it’s good to balance these elements.
After two or three weeks you start to see the shoot emerge from the ground.

At this point you will have to remove the plastic and place the small plant where the sunlight reaches it directly.

Finally, remember that you need to start caring for your plant every day.

It will therefore be necessary to give it water, sunlight and organic fertilizer.