A fantastic way to clean and disinfect kitchen towels

Here’s  a fantastic way to clean and disinfect kitchen towels  . Admittedly, this isn’t usually a complex or tedious task, but it’s always beneficial to know some methods that will save you time.

A fantastic way to clean and disinfect kitchen towels

A house where several people live, especially children, requires careful cleaning. In fact, the most used rooms are by no means immune to stubborn dirt and this particularly concerns the kitchen, which is a very frequented room and therefore requires good hygiene.

Since we are talking about cleaning the kitchen  , we invite you to first find out how to clean the  wooden cutting board  , before we look at this tip.

In the kitchen, the tea towel is one of the most frequently used items.  These fabrics are usually made of cotton,  which is ideal for use in the kitchen. In fact, it is possible to use it to dry dishes, wipe hands, etc.

Due to the versatility of this fabric, it is normal for it to become dirty quickly and become a real breeding ground for bacteria.  That’s why it needs to be disinfected regularly   To ensure impeccable cleanliness of your clothes and rid you of the most annoying stains, here is the trick.

What do you need ?

For this method you need to collect:

  • Some water
  • 100 ml vinegar
  • Marseille  – soap powder

What methods to follow?

  1. Pour water into a pot
  2. Dip the  tea towels  in it and add 3 tablespoons of powdered Marseille soap
  3. Pour in the vinegar  according to the specified amount
  4. Mix well
  5. Place the pan on the fire to cook
  6. When cooking for the first time, turn off the stove  and  wait half an hour
  7. Rinse under running water
  8. Squeeze out and dry