This is the oldest and most effective way to prevent moths from entering clothes in the wardrobe.

Here is  the oldest and most effective way to prevent moths from  entering  clothes in the wardrobe.  In fact  , moths attack the fibers of fabrics  and therefore wardrobes to make holes in our favorite clothes. Since it’s time to put an end to these pests, follow these natural tips immediately.

Vinegar is the oldest and most effective way to prevent moths from entering clothes in the closet.

Vinegar is a true miracle cure  when it  comes to household care. Due to its versatility,   justified by its cleaning, bleaching and degreasing properties , vinegar is a must-have in the home. And  due to its strong smell, it is also a very effective moth repellent  .

To use this solution, pour  water into a basin and add vinegar, making sure to add the same amount as the water  . Then  use a sponge to clean all areas of the cabinet with this solution  .  Finally dry and you’re done   !


One of the most intolerable natural ingredients for moths is  lavender  . This pleasantly fragrant plant is nevertheless unbearable for moths. And since lavender is a treat for the nose, you can  easily put dried lavender flowers and twigs in bags.

Then put them in the wardrobe.  However, as an alternative to this trick,  you can also use lavender essential oil.  To do this, add  a few drops to cotton balls and place them in bags before storing them in the corners of your wardrobe.


Cinnamon is a spice commonly   used in cooking , particularly for sweet preparations  . And if you have cinnamon at home, you’re in luck because you can say goodbye to moths with it.

To use this spice, crumble it and place it in a saucer  .  Then add cloves or even lavender to create a pungent smell and  make a potpourri  .

Then put the saucer in the cupboard and you’re done. There is also the option of hanging cinnamon sticks on a ribbon  and placing them in the closet.