A few drops are enough to eliminate bedbugs from windows and balconies in 3 minutes

Bedbugs are a real nightmare: with this simple method it is possible to eliminate them from windows and balconies.

With the arrival of spring, the sun and the heat return to occupy most of the days. Homes can thus benefit from the sun’s rays  which diffuse into each room, bringing light and warmth. However, especially with the windows open, we are again faced with a classic problem of the spring and summer months. We are talking about  insects  , which quickly reappear with the arrival of the first warm weather both in the garden and inside the house. The presence of insects is obviously not tolerated by people inside homes, because in addition to being annoying, they can also represent a   health problem .

Bedbugs on windows and balconies: the best remedy to keep them away forever

Flies and ants are some of the most common insects that invade homes in the spring and summer, but they aren’t the only ones that cause problems. In fact, homeowners also have to deal with bed bugs,  which can become a nightmare if action is not taken quickly.

Although they do not cause any harm to human health, bedbugs – both green and brown – emit a really annoying noise and above all  can give off a very unpleasant odor if they are crushed  .

For this reason, the advice given to anyone who finds green or brown bedbugs in their home is not to crush them, but to place them in a jar using a sheet of paper and then release them outside.

Bed bug

Green and brown bed bugs gain access to your home through doors and windows, as well as through laundry hung outside. But what can you do to prevent bedbugs from invading your home? A good solution is  to rely on mosquito nets  , which prevent bedbugs from entering the house. In addition, it is always good and right to close all possible “entrances” and plug all the holes, also paying attention to what is on the clothes when we bring them home after putting them to dry.

Once all this is done, to eliminate green and brown bedbugs from your home, you can also rely on other remedies. For example,  garlic and  onion  are exceptional ingredients  for repelling bedbugs, which cannot stand the strong odors of these vegetables. However, even the inhabitants of the house may experience some discomfort when breathing in the “aromas” released by boiling garlic and onion.

The product is effective against these insects

The alternative is  bergamot essential oil  , perfect for repelling bedbugs. This essential oil is obtained by cold pressing citrus peels. The properties of bergamot essential oil are truly numerous. It is certainly no coincidence that this essential oil is often used as a  disinfectant, healing and antiseptic  , as well as a calming agent.

Bergamot essential oil

However, bergamot essential oil is also great for getting rid of bedbugs from every room in your home. Simply add a few drops to a little water and  spray the resulting solution on windows and doors. Effectiveness is guaranteed, as is the pleasant scent that will invade the entire apartment.