The most powerful natural repellent to immediately eliminate all insects from the house

With this natural repellent you will keep all insects away from your home. It’s very powerful and now we’re going to show you how to do it. Here’s what you need.

Insects, whether mosquitoes, flies or anything else, are very annoying, especially when they enter our homes  . With the onset of heat, they begin to appear even more. High temperatures favor their increase and with these we then start to keep the windows open and therefore there is more possibility of them entering the house.

There are many remedies and repellents on the market, but most are chemical and their smell is very annoying. Be aware, however, that it is also possible to create natural repellents with simple products that you may already have at home  . In fact, you probably won’t have to buy anything.

In fact,  now we are going to see how to make a homemade natural repellent with simple products and in a very short time  . This way you will get rid of annoying insects present in the house day and night. Below is everything you need to know about how this repellent is made.

Homemade natural repellent: here’s how to do it

As we said, we are going to make a natural insect repellent at home. It’s simple and doesn’t take long. It will be a kind of deodorizer but will also be useful in keeping insects away from the house. Below we will see how to do this in just a few steps.

First you will need a little coarse salt  , about a glass. Choose the largest one you can find on the market because that is the basis of this repellent that we are going to make. Then you will need 1 teaspoon of cloves and a tablespoon of alcohol diluted to 70%  . Finally, you need  half a glass of fabric softener  , the one with the scent you prefer.


You will then need a plastic tray or a plastic or glass container to put everything in  . Let’s start by pouring the coarse salt into a bowl then add a spoonful of alcohol. Now pour in half a cup of fabric softener, then mix everything together. You can help yourself with a spoon to mix everything well.

If you find that the solution you are mixing is too liquid, add more salt. Then pour everything into the container you provided. Distribute well, level everything and now take the cloves. Like we said, you need a teaspoon. You will need to put them on top of the solution you have already poured.

natural insect repellent

At this point the solution, the natural repellent, is ready and you can place it near the window, near the counter or in places where you notice that there are a lot of insects. The smell will not be annoying for you but very annoying for the insects who will move away from your house.

Cloves, in particular, are great for getting rid of unwanted insects  . In fact, it is one of the oldest methods because many of them do not tolerate the smell. They are readily available in most well-stocked supermarkets or herbalists. The price is low and does not exceed a few euros.