Bedbugs in the house? Here are 4 natural remedies to eliminate them immediately

They are not harmful to humans but if they enter the house they can be very annoying…

At the first change in temperature,  bedbugs also arrive.  Annoying, with a bad smell and definitely not pleasant to look at. So what to do? Not everyone knows that there are natural remedies to eliminate these small animals from our homes… let’s see which ones together!


It is impossible not to have garlic in the kitchen, and it is good to know that it is an excellent  ally  to keep bedbugs away, acting as an antiparasitic. Indeed, its  smell  is very  unpleasant  for these insects. Just place it in certain corners of the house, perhaps under the   bedbug-infested mosquito net and maybe squish it a little to get faster results.

Marseille’s soap

Marseille soap is another product whose smell  annoys  bedbugs. In addition to washing laundry with this soap, it is useful  to spray it  , combined with water, along balconies.


Having small mint plants, in addition to giving a touch of color to the house, helps  prevent  the intrusion of bedbugs. In fact, its intense smell  repels  many insects.

Garlic and onion decoction

Against insects and bedbugs, another  natural remedy  is a decoction of garlic and onion. How to prepare it? Just take a few bulbs of garlic and onion. Fill a saucepan with one liter of water and pour in 30 grams of garlic and 30 grams of onion and let boil for 15 minutes. The smell of the concoction will make them move away immediately!