My grandmother’s secret: I mixed bananas and toothpaste and why do you have to mix them 

Banana and toothpaste: what happens if you mix them? The end result is incredible. This is why many are trying these days. Find out with us what you can do with this incredible recipe.

The combination of banana and toothpaste can result in something extremely beneficial  for you. You have no idea how  amazing the combination of these two ingredients can be  for you. This is why many try this technique. What are you waiting for to test it too? You will be incredibly surprised by the end results.


These are  two incredible and versatile ingredients  that can also be used outside their traditional and normal scope:  we are talking about banana and toothpaste.

Banana and toothpaste

Banana is an  incredible fruit  that should always be an integral part of your diet. Rich in potassium and magnesium  , it provides the mineral salts that our body needs to feel in good shape.

With banana, and we mean not only the fruit but also  the skin  , you can make various recipes that will allow you to  take care of yourself  and much more. For example, did you know that  the skin can be used as fertilizer for plants  ?

Cut it into small pieces and bury them in the ground: you will see how your green jewels  will grow quickly and above all well. You can use all parts of the banana, even  the filaments which are really precious.

Toothpaste instead  Did you know it’s not just for brushing your teeth? Many people use it to  remove stains from silver or copper items  . Its  light abrasive power  really works wonders.

What happens  if you mix banana and toothpaste  ? You can’t imagine what will come out of this. This is why many are trying this technique  these days.

Miracle Technique: Why Many Try

It is often underestimated that  ingredients that  are already extraordinary in themselves can become even more so when combined with others.

For example, do you know what happens  if you mix toothpaste and a banana  ? The result will leave you speechless: you can create  a lotion capable of eliminating unsightly skin imperfections!

In older people, they are called  age spots  , but even younger people can get them on their skin. In this case, the reasons may be different:  the sun or other problems could be the trigger  .

In any case,  these stains are really annoying  . If you too have tried all the remedies to try to get rid of it but without success, then  this technique is for you.

Just  take a banana, blend it or mash it with a fork  , then add  a teaspoon of baking soda  and finally a little  toothpaste  . Mix all these ingredients and  pour the resulting mixture into a jar  : your miracle lotion is ready!

Banana and toothpaste to lighten skin imperfections

You just have to  apply it on your arms, hands, neck or any other part of the body  where you have these spots: you will see how in a few weeks they will begin to become lighter and lighter.

All this thanks to  toothpaste, bicarbonate and the active ingredients present in bananas  . The combination of these three ingredients can really make a difference for your skin. Many people have tried this system and been satisfied with it. And you, what are you waiting for to test it? You will finally be able to solve an annoying problem  .