A natural fertilizer that makes tomatoes grow 10 times faster

– You will need:

  • Half a bucket of fresh manure
  • Waterfall

– Usage:

1. Place the manure in the bucket, then pour water over it until the bucket is full. Mixed.

2. Cover the bucket with a lid and let the manure sit for 7-10 days.

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fertilizer for tomatoes-1

3. Manure infusion must be diluted before use: 200-250 ml of infusion per 10 liters of standing water.

fertilizer for tomatoes-2
fertilizer for tomatoes-3

4. Before fertilizing, the soil around the plants must  be well watered: we poured 10 liters of water around 4 tomato heads.

5. The first fertilization is carried out after the first 2 weeks, once after planting the tomato seedlings in the garden. The second fertilization is carried out after 10-14 days (sometimes it is not even necessary).

Pour approximately 350 ml of diluted solution into a hole made between 4 tomato heads.

6. It is recommended to water the soil even after fertilization: with 5-10 liters of stagnant water.

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7. You will see the result after about a week. The tomato plants will begin to grow rapidly.

fertilizer for tomatoes-4