When to sow pepper seeds in 2023? Favorable dates

If you dream of trying peppers all year round, even in winter, know that it is quite possible to plant them at home. By following our guide, you can grow these juicy vegetables in the comfort of your home and enjoy their sweet and fruity flavor any time of the year. Today we show you how to sow and plant peppers indoors and give your palate an explosion of flavor.

Not having your own garden or vegetable garden does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of good vegetables grown by yourself. Gardening, even in an apartment, is quite possible! This is the case of peppers and peppers already ready to be planted in pots. We show you how to do it step by step!

Gardening with the Moon: the influence on sowing, growing and harvesting


Pepper. source: spm

Before undertaking gardening activities, it is necessary to observe   the movements of the moon   and its position in the sky. In fact, if you respect the different cycles of nature, you will benefit from the beneficial influence of the lunar star on your plants. If you are wondering how is this possible? Take a look, below:

  • Waxing Moon:   During this lunar phase, plants are more vigorous and resistant to diseases. Ideal time to   prune, harvest and collect fruits and vegetables for better conservation.
  • Waning Moon   – During this period, plants are less vigorous and crops are less abundant. However, fruits and vegetables have richer aromas and flowers give off a more intense fragrance. Good time to   plow and fertilize the land  .
  • Crescent moon:   When the night star rises high in the sky, the branches overflow with life energy. The best time to enjoy   grafting, germination, sowing seeds and harvesting fruits  .
  • Descending moon:   when the moon declines, the sap of plants gradually withdraws until it reaches the roots. This is the perfect time to   transplant, root cuttings, promote layering, sowing and planting seedlings.

Planting and growing peppers in your garden and orchard with the Moon: what are the favorable dates?

If you are looking for favorable days to plant your peppers, follow our small guide for the month of   February   2023:

datesRecommended and discouraged activities
February 22-23We advise you to avoid planting your seeds, as they will have difficulty growing and will give you little yield.
February 24-25We advise you to plant crops without soil such as beans, peppers, cucumbers, melons, etc.
February 26-27We advise against planting seeds during these two days, as they will tend to rot.
February 28You have carte blanche that day! Plant beans, tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, peppers, melons and other crops without soil.

Do you want to plant peppers in March 2023 according to the phases of the moon? We give you a hand:

pepper plant

Pepper plant. source: spm

datesRecommended activities
March 1-2Favorable days for planting soilless crops and seedlings and flower beds.
March 3-7Favorable days for the elimination of plant pests.
March 8 and 9Recommended days for sowing tubers and sowing forage and flower crops.
March 10-12Excellent days to transplant seedlings, start seedbeds and plant tubers and leafy vegetables.

How to grow peppers successfully?

Whether you want to grow your own bell peppers or chili peppers, know that these two vegetables are similar! They share the same  sowing and planting rules  , both in terms of technique and time. Don’t know where to start? Thanks to our guide, these plants will no longer have any secrets for you!

When to sow pepper and pepper seeds indoors?

Peppers and chillies need sunlight to develop well and offer you unique flavors. However, we draw your attention that its growth stops when the temperature drops below 13°C, while the optimal temperature for its development is around 24°C. If you want to offer them the best growing conditions, favor fresh, deep, humus-rich soil, with a neutral pH between 6.5 and 7. To plant them, simply place them in a very warm place between February and April   . That said, you should wait 20 to 24 weeks before your first harvest! Also, if you want to save money on purchasing seeds, you can simply collect them from your own chilies and peppers by following a few simple steps.

How to sow pepper seeds and grow them indoors?

Harvest peppers

Harvest peppers. source: spm

If you are one of those lucky enough to have a south-facing balcony, you can grow chillies and peppers there without problems. In fact, this vegetable needs a warm and humid environment to perfect its maturity. However, be sure to protect it from the elements by installing it out of wind and rain. Do you need more details? Keep reading!

  • For peppers and pepper plants in excellent health, you should sow the seeds in light soil and cover them with 0.5 to 1 cm of soil.
  • For young plants, a permanent warm temperature is necessary for them to develop well and they must be protected from cool nights.
  • Once they have grown enough, they can be transplanted to a larger pot.
  • When the weather starts to get warmer and the days get warmer, you can gradually accustom them to outside air before planting them in the   garden  .
  • Of course, in summer, do not hesitate to water them generously. As for the harvest, it takes place between August and October.

We suggest you watch this video to learn more about growing peppers:

Did you know, dear readers? Regardless of their shape and color, peppers are true treasures for our health, as they are full of vitamin C, vitamin A and other minerals. Hence the need to grow them at home and enjoy them at any time of the year!