Here’s how to grow a pineapple from leftovers.

Did you know that it was possible to grow pineapples at home? Pineapple is one of those fruits that you can plant from leftovers. These are the steps to follow.

How to grow pineapple from leftovers?

Growing pineapple does not require a lot of water and forms an original and decorative plant. Here’s what you’ll need to grow a pineapple at home:

• A medium-sized pineapple
• A glass of water
• Toothpicks
• Soil
• A jar

Instructions :

1.  The choice of pineapple is important, choose a fruit with green leaves, not yet yellowish. To make sure it is not overripe, gently pull on the leaves. If they come off easily, this indicates that it is overripe and cannot be replanted. Also, make sure the fruit is free of pests or insects that could quickly ruin your crop.

2.  Wash the fruit and let it dry. Then, cut the peduncle, keeping a little of the fruit (between 2.5 and 5 cm). Remove some leaves to expose the stem. This will help the roots grow.

3.  Turn the rod over and let it dry for a week. This trick is essential to letting the places where you made nicks “heal.”

4.  Fill a glass with water up to ¾ of its capacity, the glass should be large enough to allow the rod to pass through, without it being completely submerged in the water.

5.  Insert some chopsticks into the stem to balance on the glass, they should rest on the edge of the glass with the leaves facing out.

6.  Place the glass in a sunny location and wait for the roots to emerge, which may take a few weeks. Make sure to change the water every 2 or 3 days. You will notice the appearance of white roots.

7. As soon as the roots begin to grow, plant its stem in a pot containing potting soil mixed with organic compost (at least 30%). Be careful, the roots must be long enough to be planted. Press the soil around the base of the stem and do not put too much soil on the leaves.

8. It is advisable to store the pot in a very humid and warm place; The temperature should not be lower than 18°C. If the location is too dry, mist the plant regularly.

9. Water the soil once a week and apply natural fertilizer twice a month. It will take a few months before your pineapple outgrows its jar. You will need to find a larger pot or plant it in your garden.

10. It can take years for the red flowers to appear, and then six months after flowering for the fruit to begin to develop, in the heart of the plant.