A remedy that perfumes your home while providing long-lasting protection against mosquitoes

Never. This DIY remedy combines natural ingredients to create a pleasant scent and effectively repel mosquitoes. Wellness and DIY professionals have developed this unique method that will make your rooms precious and act as a natural mosquito repellent.

By combining the properties of clove and lemon, you will obtain a powerful natural method. This combination not only provides antibacterial and disinfectant action, but is also an excellent repellent and perfumer for the entire home. Insert the cloves into the lemon pulp to mix them.

Here is the procedure to follow to keep mosquitoes away and perfume the rooms:

Take the large lemon, remove the cap and cut it in half. Insert the cloves into the pulp on both sides of the lemon. Place the two lemons enriched with cloves on the ground. Cut the candles into pieces and insert them into the center of the lemons. Place four bamboo sticks on each lemon half. Cut the small lemon in half and place it like a cap on the structure. Light the candles and enjoy the show. Heated lemons and cloves will spread a delicious scent throughout your home. In addition, this scent is not appreciated by most insects, which will cause mosquitoes to flee in a few seconds, annoyed by the aroma diffused.