Plants that keep spiders, ants, flies, scorpions, bedbugs and ticks away from your home

Plants to have in the garden to keep insects away!
Lemongrass, tansy, mint, basil… here are 10 effective insect repellent plants.

10 repellent and effective plants to scare away insects

  1. Lemongrass
    Known to repel mosquitoes, lemongrass is an essential plant in your exterior. Keep in mind, however, that it is only effective if it is cut. Its smell thus spreads and therefore repels mosquitoes. Lemongrass is also effective against flies and wasps. In essential oil or freshly cut, it is therefore an ally for your summer evenings. You can even make citronella candles!
  2. Lavender
    As beautiful as it is effective, lavender is a plant feared by flies, mosquitoes, wasps, ants and aphids. So, if you are invaded by these insects, consider planting lavender. As a liquid fertilizer for the vegetable garden, at the base of your flowers, around your terrace and even in a bouquet at home, lavender finds its place everywhere!
  3. Tansy
    Do you know tansy? Equipped with medicinal properties and incredibly effective against many insects, tansy is a must-have at home in the event of invasions. Ants, mosquitoes, ticks, moths, aphids… many insects fear it. An effective repellent, you can use it in sachets, in bouquets or even in manure to protect your vegetable garden from slugs, leek worms or seed flies.
  4. Mint
    In the family of aromatic herbs, we would love mint! And yes, thanks to its strong smell, mint, and especially peppermint, has the gift of repelling insects. Against aphids, bedbugs, mosquitoes but also spiders, opt for mint. And in addition to being effective, it smells good and adds taste to many dishes.
  5. Basil
    Just like mint, basil has the gift of flavoring our summer dishes. Freshly cut into our pasta or summer salads, basil is a delight… No more salivation, let’s zoom in on its ability to scare away insects! To plant in the vegetable garden or place in a pot on the windowsill, say goodbye to mosquitoes, ants and flies.