A tennis ball in the washing machine saves a lot

A tennis ball in the washing machine saves a lot.  This is a trick that may seem unusual, but if you use it you won’t be able to do without it. Overview.

The goal: reduce consumption

Bad news awaits us every day.  Costs continue to rise, both for raw materials and electricity consumption  . And the most frightening thing is that the situation cannot be in our favor.

That’s why we have to learn to live more cost-effectively now. Of course, we cannot do without certain household appliances such as the washing machine or the refrigerator.  However, the  costs shown on the monthly bill  make us  reconsider our electricity consumption.

Check out this economical  laundry trick  to help you use your washing machine more energy efficiently. Don’t leave us yet because the real secret will be revealed to you in the following lines.

A tennis ball in the washing machine saves a lot

The rising cost of living is forcing us to think and live more economically. For example, there is an already known trick that consists of  only using the washing machine in the evenings or during off-peak hours  .

However, there is also the amazing  trick of  putting the tennis ball in the washing machine  .  The idea is to simply place a tennis ball in the basket of the washing machine and then program a classic wash cycle.

How does this trick work?

The tennis ball rubs against the  laundry  . And this gesture is similar to the one we do before hanging up the laundry. Additionally,  rubbing removes stubborn stains, limiting the amount of detergent used  . And here too,  you no longer have to use high temperatures to safely remove stains.