Film: What is the function of the tab on the box?

Film: What is the function of the tab on the box?  When we buy cling film  ,  we don’t pay much attention to the instructions on the packaging. Still, there are some details like the  tab on the packaging  that you need to pay attention to. Discover his role.

Film: What is the function of the tab on the box?

You’ve probably encountered that roll of cling film  that  ‘s  really difficult to unroll. From now on you can solve this common problem by making good use of the tab specially designed for this purpose.

Now don’t worry about how to unroll the film like with a knife or scissors. Just use the tab on the box.

To make it easier to find, we recommend  holding the roll with the short side facing you  .  Pull the tab down and you should see a pin around which you can unroll the film properly.  Then continue unrolling  by cutting along the tooth line on the long side of the box.

Proper use of cling film

The use of cling film comes with certain standards that are important to be aware of. In addition, there are some very important precautions to take:

  • Do not bring the cling film into direct contact with  food  .
  • If possible, avoid contact with food that is still hot  , as the heat promotes the decomposition of the cling film and the transfer of the PVC chains into the food.
  • The same applies to contact with  alcohol  and fatty foods  .
  • Also avoid placing the container covered with cling film in the oven or other heating device.
  • If necessary, replace the cling film with plastic lids, which come in all sizes and shapes.