A wet bathrobe is dangerous to your health: Here you can find out why and what to do

Did you know that  a wet bathrobe is harmful to your health   ? However, it is the clothing that is worn the most throughout the day. However, if the bathrobe  lacks softness and is not dry often, it is not doing its job adequately.  But the most worrying thing is that a wet bathrobe poses a real health risk. Let’s find out the reason.

A wet bathrobe is dangerous to your health: Here you can find out why and what to do

After the  shower  we hurry to put on the bathrobe. Either you have a microfiber bathrobe or a terry cloth bathrobe.

But most people choose  the microfiber bathrobe  . This fabric is  valued for its fineness and easy transportability.  That’s why it’s very popular when traveling. We also appreciate the microfiber bathrobe  because it dries easily, but the drying time on the body is longer  .

 The opposite is the case  with a  terry cloth bathrobe , because although it dries the body quickly, it has a longer drying time due to the fact that it is a terry cloth bathrobe  . Back to the core of the matter: The wet bathrobe represents a potential source of danger for the body, because  germs and bacteria multiply in the bathroom  .

This is because  there is more humidity there, which also promotes the growth of bacteria  . Consequently,  they contaminate bathrobes and towels.  Therefore, after showering, it is necessary to take the time  to dry the bathrobe in the fresh air  before putting it in the  bathroom  .

We shouldn’t forget this either:  hair  , product residue and dead body cells  collect in bathrobes  . Therefore, it is very important to wash them apart from drying them inside.

Regarding cleaning frequency  , it is recommended to do it every 7 days.  Wash towels at least twice a week.  If there are unpleasant odors or stains on the bathrobes, they should be washed immediately.