How to remove pigeons from balcony marble with these 5 + 1 DIY remedies?

Here’s  how to remove pigeons from balcony marble with these 5+1 DIY remedies.  Some animals don’t really belong in the house because they are often disruptive and can cause problems.

Pigeons, for example, seem to be harmless little birds, but in reality these animals cause great concern to both homeowners and those around them.

These birds are never alone  , they come in flocks and invade every corner  . Not only are they  loud  , but  they also get dirty at the same time  . It is impossible   to have a balcony or a clean fireplace in their presence.

Some basic rules

  1. Therefore , to ward them off, it is  important to always keep the house spotlessly clean by dusting and cleaning as much as possible. Then  spray the tiles with  vinegar  or lemon juice.  That’s just the beginning.
  2. Then keep  the rest of the food away, especially crumbs, as these attract pigeons.
  3. Do not leave filled garbage bags lying around on the balcony  . Above all, no food waste on the floor.

These established rules are the first means of combating these intruders. There are even more effective tips to keep them away completely.

How to remove pigeons from balcony marble with these 5 + 1 DIY remedies?

Old CDs

A pane  is stuck in a sunny place  . Pigeons fly because they   cannot stand the bright reflection of the element in contact with the rays.

The turning points

This is explained by the fact that  some balconies are equipped with windmills  . They are not there for fun, but to prevent the pigeons from approaching.

Aluminum Foil: One of these 5+1 DIY remedies to remove pigeons from balcony marble

Just like the CD,  you need to be careful to install it so that the sun reflects through the tape.

The dolls

It is a kind of trap to scare away birds.  The latter are  actually very afraid of owls. These are meant to scare them. It is therefore advisable  to make dolls in the shape of an owl.  The pigeons will definitely disappear.


These are all-natural remedies that aren’t scary, but they do keep birds away because  they can’t stand the smell  . Such as  pepper and cinnamon.

Ultrasound devices

To do this,  you need a device that transmits up to a distance of at least 40 meters  , which is enough to scare away pigeons with the sound even in flight.

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