How do you clean dryers and remove dirt even in the cracks?

How to  clean  dryers  and remove dirt from the cracks.  In winter and rainy seasons, clothes need time to dry. Fortunately, there is a mobile and effective way to solve this problem:  the clothesline that can be installed in the bathroom, protected from the rain.

It must always be clean so as not to dirty the previously washed fabrics spread there. Therefore, it is important to clean it systematically to remove any dirt.

How do you clean dryers and remove dirt even in the cracks?

Cleaning takes place depending on the type of clothes rack:

For the one made of iron

In a bowl filled with hot water, pour a glass of  white alcohol vinegar  .  Dip a towel in it and wipe the rope dry.  If dirt becomes more entrenched, use a non-abrasive sponge and gently clean.

The ingredient used here is perfect for removing dirt and giving the item more shine and cleanliness.

For the plastic part

Over time, this material yellows and blackens  . To get the rope looking new again,  make a thick paste of baking soda  and  water  . Once the mixture is homogeneous,  pour it onto a cloth or sponge and rub gently  . Finally rinse.

For cleaning a wood dryer and removing dirt even in cracks

Although this material is not really suitable for wet clothing as it decomposes easily, it is important to always keep it clean and in good condition.

Therefore  , it is necessary   to mix a spoonful of Marseille soap  with the same dose of bicarbonate . If the dough is too hard, you can  add some hot water to soften it.  Then wipe the rope  lightly to give it a shiny and perfectly cleaned look.

Don’t forget  to rinse thoroughly  to remove any residue left by the products.

PVC clothes rack

Sodium bicarbonate is also  recommended here  .

To do this, add  2 tablespoons of white powder to a container filled with hot water  . Degrease the material with a microfiber cloth and then rinse it.

Aluminum sail

We have to resort to  vinegar  as a perfect natural cleaning agent.  Pour the ingredient directly onto a damp sponge  . Another alternative is  to fill a basin with hot water and a glass of product.  Degrease the dryer with the solution and then rinse it.

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