Add aspirin or black pepper to your washing machine to wash your clothes perfectly

Even if you use the best detergents and the best wash cycles of modern washing machines, you can’t avoid gray spots and yellow armpits. With every wash, the white clothes become duller and grayer. How do you stop this process? It’s very easy; All you need is a type of medication that everyone probably already has in their medicine cabinet. The only thing you need for your laundry to be perfectly white are five aspirin tablets, each containing 325 milligrams. In fact, this thing looks strange, but believe it can really work!

Place the tablets in a large bowl or hot water bath to dissolve. Stir this aspirin water until all tablets are completely dissolved. To ensure the tablets dissolve faster, you can crush them before placing them in water. Then place the dull, white laundry in the bowl or tub with aspirin water and let it soak for eight hours. You can also add aspirins to the washing machine, but the soaking method works better. After soaking the clothes, you should wash them in the washing machine as usual

Discolored clothing:
It’s a real horror, these discolored clothes. This situation happens too often: you bought a nice piece of clothing and a month after purchasing it, it is already fading. And what about black dresses that turn gray before you know it? When your clothes have lost weight or changed color, you tend to buy new clothes and the whole cycle starts again. It’s time to take this vicious circle out of the loop with this handy little thing. All you need is black pepper! Adding black pepper to your washing machine will keep your clothes shiny and colorful. Say goodbye to discolored clothes!

How do I do that?
Here’s how it works: Put your discolored laundry in the washing machine and add your regular detergent. Then add a teaspoon of black pepper to the machine. Wash laundry cold. You will see that the laundry appears in its original colors.

How does this work?
Soap residue makes your clothes duller and paler. Due to the texture of the pepper, the soap residue cannot stick to clothing. This way, your clothes won’t come out of the machine looking dull. In addition, it also prevents colors from changing.