Add it to shampoo: never had hair so long, healthy and lush

By adding just one ingredient to the shampoo, you will have strong and very long hair. Here’s what it is.

When we shop in supermarkets or personal hygiene stores, we almost always buy a bottle of  shampoo  which runs out quickly and helps maintain our hair.

There are different types of shampoo on the market, depending on our  hair  which may be frizzy, oily, brittle, fine, etc. and therefore we always try to buy the most suitable product.

Shampoo: here is the ingredient to add to have perfect hair

Often, to avoid this problem, we go to our  trusted hairdresser  , but this has a cost and in the last period it does not drop below 10€, even for a simple styling.

For this reason, in many Italian cities we have seen fairs appear overnight held by people from the Asian or Indian population, whose costs are slightly lower than those of the Italians.

Many of them have nothing to envy of their Italian cousins ​​and sometimes they are more professional than them but other times you can find yourself in the hands of someone who doesn’t exactly do their job like he should.

Shampoo: here is the ingredient for beautiful hair

This can happen to all  hairdressers,  whether Italian or not, and you have to be very careful about what you choose so as not to spend a lot of money and have an unsatisfactory result.

So, to avoid problems, we tend to wash  our hair  simply by doing it at home with the products we have purchased even if it often turns out to be messier than before.

For this reason, experts have discovered that you can have a positive effect by inserting a very particular ingredient into your shampoo or conditioner that will have surprising effects.

How to use the secret ingredient

These are  Epsom salts  , so called because of their origin in  Great Britain  and are nothing more than particles of  magnesium sulfate  readily available on the market.

By inserting just one teaspoon of these salts into the bottle of our  shampoo,  we wait for them to dissolve and proceed to the first wash of our hair as we normally do.

We will see that our hair will be purified and it will be shinier than usual and healthier and if we have forgotten to insert it in the bottle we can also apply it in the water of the first rinse.

Shampoo: here is the ingredient for beautiful hair

Otherwise, if we use these salts in the  conditioner,  and insert a spoon inside the bottle, our hair will be more voluminous after the first wash and it will be enough to leave it on the scalp for 20 minutes to have a surprising effect.

This method, in addition to giving  the hair  a healthy hairspray effect, will also help solve dandruff problems that will gradually disappear and have shiny hair as if we had treated it with a mask.

Therefore, without having spent money on our trusted hairdresser, with this method we will be able to have healthy, strong, lush and shiny hair and show them proudly in front of our friends.