Laurel on the doorstep, that’s why everyone leaves him there

Many people use bay leaf on the door of their house. That’s why they do this thing.

In our  kitchens  there are many ingredients and many of them are used to flavor our dishes and give a particular flavor thanks to the aroma of certain  spices  and  aromatic plants  .

There are many that we can use but there is one in particular that gives off a very intense smell and that can be used for many other purposes and we are talking about  bay leaf  .

Laurel: this is why many place the plant near the door of the house

This plant  has always been considered a golden plant and the meaning of its leaves is very important because it indicates that a person has achieved a great goal both in education and in sports.

Suffice it to say that anyone who manages to obtain a  university degree,  in any faculty, is crowned with a wreath of laurel leaves as was the case for sports champions in ancient times.

In addition, thanks to the decoction of a few  bay leaves  you can have a very particular digestive drink called  “canary”  which, combined with lemon, tends to eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

Laurel: that's why he's standing in the doorway

This drink also has calming properties and often with a little orange peel it becomes a real panacea for the nervous system and it is therefore recommended to drink a cup from time to time.

A liquor is also obtained from its leaves   which can have a soothing effect on coughs as it is generally an excellent product against the effects of coughs and bronchitis.

From its oil we also obtain an ingredient necessary for the formation of  Aleppo soap  , a typical product of the  Syrian city  which has also established itself in our Western culture.

Why is it

But in recent times, many housewives put  bay leaves  near the door of the house and many may think that this is a superstitious ritual or that it is used to ward off bad luck.

None of this, the real reason is that bay leaf contains  lauric acid  , which is a substance that is not tolerated by  insects  and therefore they will tend to move away from our homes.

When they approach the door of the house, the ants and other insects will turn around because they will not be able to stand the smell and everything that the laurel will give off  and  therefore we will have a house with fewer unwanted animals.

Laurel: that's why he's standing in the doorway

Bay leaf is very important in our homes, for this reason and also to flavor our roasted meats and fish, but few knew that it was a natural repellent for certain insects  .

Therefore, avoiding buying products that can also be harmful to keep ants, cockroaches and other small animals away from our homes, we can opt to buy a bay plant.

Not only will we prevent them from entering our homes, but we will always have bay leaves available to use in the kitchen when we go to prepare our dishes and if we want to prepare a drink to digest quickly with completely natural solutions.