Coarse salt  not only adds flavor to all dishes in the kitchen, but is also an ingredient that you should know well at home.

There are  many remedies that you may not know yet  and that you can use at any time because they are quick, cheap and ecological.

Are you sure you know everything about coarse salt? Let’s find out together  how you can use it at home  !

What will you discover?

Against limestone

One of the main effects of coarse salt to our benefit is  to combat limestone  .

Not surprisingly, we see this ingredient as the basis for many natural and non-natural preparations to effectively solve water stains.

To use it, all you have to do is  dissolve 1 glass of salt  in enough water, add the  juice of a lemon  and put everything in a vaporizer.

Spray the mixture on the areas to be treated,  leave it for 10 minutes  , then all you have to do is remove everything with a sponge and enjoy the results!

In the bathroom

The  bathroom  is a part of the house where dirt and bad smells constantly accumulate, so salt is a strong support in such cases!

In fact, not only does it help you  say goodbye to limescale  (as we just saw), but it’s also perfect  for whitening ceramics  ,  cleaning shower tiles  ,  removing mold  , and so on.

You can add coarse salt directly to the soft sponge or fill a vaporizer with a solution of equal parts water and salt.

For the glasses

Have you ever tried  cleaning windows with salt  ? Well, maybe you missed one of the coolest life hacks ever!

Salt is capable of polishing any surface it is used on, making it an ace in the hole when it comes to glass. Let’s find out how to do this!

Heat a pot of water,  add half a glass of vinegar and 3 tablespoons of salt; Wait for the heat of the water to completely melt everything.

Get a single solution, let it cool and  then put it in a spray bottle  , spray it on the glass and then wipe it with a cotton cloth.

Glass has never been so brilliant!

For floors

Let’s continue our tricks with salt at home and see how  effective it can be on the floor too!

Especially for floors that never shine or get damp very easily.

To do this, you just need to  add 2 tablespoons of salt  to the bucket, but it is important that the product has previously been dissolved in water, otherwise you could scratch the bottom.

Continue washing and you will see that the floor is immediately cleaner!

Against bad smells

Bad  smells  in the house are always a big problem, also because they are not so easy to remove.

Simply adding perfume without inhaling it first sometimes risks making the situation worse and creating even more unpleasant smells.

And this is where coarse salt comes into play again because  it has the ability  to absorb odors naturally and in record time!

All you have to do is fill a small bowl with salt,  add a few drops of essential oil  to taste and mix; Place the bowl on the affected area and leave it for several days: the smell will no longer be a problem!

In the vacuum cleaner

Have you ever heard of  scented salts  ?

These are ancient remedies that are still used today to perfume the environment in a completely natural way. If you use coarse salt,  this trick can also be used in the vacuum cleaner  .

This device is indeed an excellent way to diffuse a good perfume in the house. Let’s see how to do it right away!

Simply place  1 tablespoon of salt  in a bowl and add  6 drops of an essential oil  of your choice.

When the salt has completely absorbed the oil, all you have to do is put everything in the vacuum cleaner bag and you’re done!

Scented sachets

Since salt can also be used a lot to spread a good smell, why not  use it to perfume wardrobes and drawers too?

To use this trick, simply follow the same procedure  as the vacuum cleaner method  and then place the salt in a small, breathable bag.

You will see that the furniture will always smell great!

Against moisture

The final trick you need to keep in mind with coarse salt is protection  from moisture  .

In winter, this problem occurs like everywhere else. If you don’t have a dehumidifier, the rate increases exponentially.

Grandma’s tricks teach that a  bowl of coarse salt  can absorb moisture very well. Then it is enough to change them every time the salt turns into a liquid state.