Summer is approaching and sleeping at night is becoming more and more painful!

In fact, when it’s hot , it becomes   really difficult to get a fresh night’s sleep all night long, but it depends on many factors.

Among them we also find  the bed linen  : you must  always keep it fresh  in order to sleep peacefully. Let’s see together  how often to change them!

What will you discover?

Washing frequency

The most important thing, therefore, is to know the  frequency of washing  to ensure that it runs well throughout the summer.

While in winter the bed linen can remain on the mattress for up to ten days, the situation changes with the heat.

You sweat much more easily, but above all there are no pajamas as a “filter” because you wear low-cut pajamas and the  sweat ends up directly on the sheets.

In addition, sheets that are left on for too long mean that you don’t get a fresh night’s sleep. In short, there are many factors to consider!

Therefore, it is advisable  to change them at least 2 times a week  to ensure always effective cleaning and a restful sleep.

The fabric is also important: throw away the flannel sheets and look forward to fresh cotton!

How to wash and refresh them

Of course, you also need to know how  to wash and refresh the bed linen  , we’ll take a look at that together!

In fact, there are many grandma’s remedies that can help us and maintain the very high standard of cleanliness.

Let’s find out the most popular hacks!


We can’t help but   start  with sodium percarbonate , a truly wonderful product specifically for whitening  .

If you have particularly sweaty sheets and streaks, this is all you need to use!

Simply add  1 measuring cup  of percarbonate to the basket and you’re done! However, keep in mind that percarbonate requires a temperature of at least  40°C  to work effectively.

White wine vinegar

In addition to percarbonate,  white vinegar is always a great ally for cleanliness  in the washing machine.

This remedy is particularly recommended  for colored sheets  , which can still cause a few problems, so make the most of it!

Add half a glass of vinegar to the detergent drawer, start the wash cycle with a very gentle program and you will see what a fantastic result!


Let’s move on to the means to refresh sheets with  baking soda  , always popular in the laundry and washing machine and chosen for less money!

In this case, just like we saw with percarbonate, simply add  1 scoop of  product directly to the drum and start washing.

Bed linen has never been so white! In addition  , any yellow sweat stains or streaks disappear  very quickly and easily!

Yellow soap

When we talk about freshness we cannot ignore yellow soap  , an ingredient that should never be missing at home!

With a good dosage, yellow soap can be our best ally in the washing machine  , but let’s see in detail how to get the most out of it.

Take the loaf, divide it with a knife, form medium-sized balls and then place them in an airtight glass container.

Add  1 scoop of product when washing bedding  and you will never have this ingredient left again!

Hydrogen peroxide

For white sheets, you can only  choose hydrogen peroxide  . Did you know that putting it in the washing machine is really amazing?

Yes, your whites will benefit greatly from using it in moderation, and for bedding in particular, it’s a fantastic choice!

Add  2 tablespoons  of hydrogen peroxide to the washing machine compartment and every stain, no matter how small, will disappear in no time.

Marseille soap

We conclude the means for washing and refreshing bedding with grandma’s oldest method:  Marseille soap!

Not only does it thoroughly clean the bedding, but it also perfumes them, giving them an intoxicating scent that lasts a long time.

Simply add  2 tablespoons  of soap flakes directly to the basket and be surprised by the results!

And to mitigate them?

Not only do the sheets need to be fresh and clean, but they also need to be soft!