Unfortunately, it often happens that doing laundry becomes a real daily challenge!

There are times when, after a thorough wash, clothes  are no longer as fragrant and fresh as always  and therefore immediate remedial action is required.

Grandma’s dear old remedies help us with this   , which are essential so that the clothes have that irresistible, clean smell again!

What will you discover?

alcohol vinegar

You will surely know the thousands of properties  that white wine vinegar possesses  , a unique and irreplaceable ingredient both at home and in the washing machine.

In addition to its cleansing and brightening effects, vinegar is highly valued because it  neutralizes odors effortlessly.

This is an action that takes place in all rooms of the house, but also in the washing machine; So why not use it to our advantage?

All you have to do is  add 1 scoop  of white vinegar to each wash cycle and add it directly to the drum.

Additionally, you can combine two steps  by making vinegar your natural fabric softener too  !

In this case, you need to fill a cup with the product and add 1 teaspoon of essential oil to taste.

The cloths always stay fresh, fragrant and shiny!

Hydrogen peroxide for white people

An alternative to vinegar, which you can only use for white laundry,  is hydrogen peroxide.

It is a product  whose potential is not exploited  because it is assumed that it is intended only for medical purposes.

In fact, hydrogen peroxide has several properties that can be useful both at home and for clothing.

For clothes that don’t smell after washing, simply add  2 tablespoons  of this ingredient to the detergent dispenser and start washing.

It won’t take long before you notice that the wipes are not only fragrant, but also super white!

Good washing habits

The two tricks that we have seen to prevent the smell from sticking to clothes are certainly very effective, however, you also need to adopt good  habits when washing in the washing machine to avoid this little problem.

Let’s find out which little tricks your laundry will always be perfect:

  • Do not leave particularly smelly clothes  in the dirty laundry basket for too long.
  • When a wash cycle is finished, it is very important  to remove the load from the drum immediately  , otherwise the standing water will create a smell that will force you to do a new wash cycle.
  • Don’t overdo it with the detergent  , on the contrary,  you don’t even have to use too little  . If you exceed it in one direction or the other, your clothes will smell badly;
  • Carry out  a vacuum cleaning of the washing machine at least once a month  , because limescale and mold must never have access to your device. Use white vinegar, lemon juice, citric acid, coarse salt or baking soda to restore the cleanliness of the washing machine.
  • Also pay attention to the  other components of the washing machine, such as the gasket and the drawer  , where dirt accumulates quickly and easily.


We always recommend checking the labels on your clothes to do an impromptu wash and avoid odor problems.