All the uses of rubbing alcohol that will leave you speechless

Alcohol is one of those products that is rarely missing from our homes Who among us doesn’t always make sure to have a vial or bottle of alcohol in the first aid kit? This simple ingredient has become a permanent fixture in the home.

Used primarily as a disinfectant, denatured alcohol offers us a long series of benefits that are often ignored or overlooked. Below we list the most important ones.

Insect bites

When applied directly to insect bites, alcohol helps reduce both itching and swelling. Use a cotton ball to apply the product.

Bugs in the bed

They are annoying and difficult to eliminate, but few people know that to get rid of bedbugs, simply spray a little alcohol directly on the mattress, headboard and bed springs. Make sure your bedroom is ventilated enough before you lie down in bed.

Fruit flies

Spray alcohol directly on the gnats to kill them. Make sure your kitchen is well ventilated before applying alcohol.

Stains on clothes

Mix 1 part rubbing alcohol with 2 parts water and spray directly onto the stain to remove it.

Muscle pain

It may happen, after walking a lot or doing physical activity, that your muscles feel sore. Apply a light massage with alcohol to relieve the pain quickly.

Clean your glasses

Use rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth to clean your glasses and make them look like new.