All you need is this trick to remove salt from your clothes

After spending several days at the beach, your clothes are left with salty halos. To get rid of it, you can resort to these natural remedies. Keep reading to know more.

You only need this trick to remove salt from clothes
The salt naturally present in sea water tends to dry out the skin and hair. However, it also affects our clothes, leaving white halos. If you have light stains, simply rinse the affected area quickly with soapy water.

However, if the stains are severe, then you should do things differently. You have to immerse the clothes in warm water containing a few shavings of Marseille soap. If you don’t have it, use yellow soap.

Rub the stains with the soap and rinse them in a bowl of cold water. This way, you can get rid of white stains on clothes.

How do I use vinegar to remove white salt stains?

To remove tough stains, wash with your hands. Soak the affected clothing in hot water with white vinegar for 3 hours. The correct dose is 3 tablespoons per liter of water.

White vinegar has strong degreasing and stain removing properties. After soaking the clothes for 3 hours, hand wash them as usual. If you use a washing machine, choose a cold wash cycle and tumble dry.