Aluminum foil – place it on your mattress before going to bed! An ancient Chinese technique with incredible results.

Contrary to what you might think, aluminum foil is not only useful in the kitchen. In fact, it has several uses. Its versatility makes it an essential element of everyday life.

Do like the Chinese and put aluminum foil on your mattress before going to bed. Find out why you should too.

Aluminum foil: what are its main uses?

Aluminum foil has many uses. Aluminum foil is an invaluable help in the kitchen, as it prevents the oven from getting dirty and ensures quick cooking.

It can also be used to wrap and preserve food. Although aluminum foil is very useful in the kitchen, it has other uses beyond the walls of this room.

For example, it can be a natural pigeon repellent on the balcony. And with good reason: aluminum foil can reflect light when it comes into contact with the sun, and birds immediately flee.

Aluminum foil can also help simplify ironing. Placed between the protector and the ironing board, this magical paper eliminates wrinkles by ironing only one side of the clothing.

In addition to distributing heat evenly, this agent color paper saves a lot of time when ironing clothes.

However, this ancient Chinese trick remains little known. What exactly does it consist of?

Why do you have to put aluminum foil on the mattress?

Did you know that aluminum foil can produce noticeable results if you place it on your mattress? It is a very useful ancient Chinese remedy, especially if you have small children at home.

To avoid accidents such as wetting the bed, simply place a sheet of aluminum foil between the mattress cover and the mattress itself.

The aluminum foil prevents moisture from urine from coming into contact with the mattress, staining it and causing bad odors.

So, instead of using expensive mattress covers, aluminum foil can be a simple and affordable remedy. If you think it will make a lot of noise at night, put a soft cloth over it and it won’t!