What happens after 1 minute if you apply toothpaste to the scissors?

Why do you have to apply toothpaste to scissors? After 1 minute, magic happens! It is the hidden secret of any seamstress.

This article explains how to sharpen scissors that no longer cut using toothpaste.

Scissors: a tool that needs constant care to keep its blades sharp

Scissors often stop cutting correctly. You have to remember to maintain this tool regularly to keep it in good condition for a long time. Here are some practical tips to put into practice at home:

Clean the blades of the scissors with water and neutral soap.
Remove any debris that sticks to the sheets.
Lubricate the blades of the scissors with oil to prevent them from rusting.
Store scissors in a corner away from moisture.
Avoid using scissors to cut hard or abrasive materials.
If the blades are completely dull, you can sharpen them with a whetstone or by taking them to a professional. However, if the scissors are very damaged or rusty, it is best to replace them.

Apply toothpaste to the scissors and within 1 minute, magic will happen!

Sharpening scissors is not a simple task, it requires skill and care. If you are looking for a simple but effective way to sharpen your scissors, we recommend that you try this original trick based on toothpaste, salt and vinegar.

Take the scissors you want to sharpen and spread a little toothpaste on both blades. Then, using a small cloth, spread the toothpaste evenly over the entire surface of the blades.

Next, take a cup, turn it upside down and add some salt and vinegar. You will have an acid preparation that will remove dirt and oxidation from the scissor blades.

Now open the scissors and start gently rubbing the blades against the bottom of the cup in the opposite direction. Both sheets should be rubbed evenly. Carry out this operation until all dirt and rust have been removed from the blades.

Once this phase is completed, rinse the blades with water and dry them with a clean cloth. Check that the scissors are sharp and repeat the process if you are still not satisfied with the result.

This is the preferred method for seamstresses to keep their scissors sharp and in good condition.