Putting half a used lemon in the dishwasher: a grandmother’s trick that not many people know

When you use a lemon to extract the juice, you never know what to do with the rest. Put it in the dishwasher: a grandmother’s trick that not many people know about!

Lemon is a truly valuable ally in the kitchen and at home. There are many tips, recipes and remedies based on this extraordinary ingredient. Today I am going to reveal to you an ingenious use of this citrus fruit. What if we told you that with a simple lemon you can prepare an incredible cleaner to remove grease from the kitchen? Crazy, right? Find out now why you should put half a lemon in the dishwasher.

Take half a lemon and put it in the dishwasher: you will see the results!

As you know, lemons have incredible cleaning and degreasing properties and, above all, a sweet and pleasant aroma. If you use it this way, you will no longer have to deal with a very common problem: the bad smell in the dishwasher! This way, you will avoid spending money on expensive products and, above all, you will not waste the lemon peel after extracting the juice.

All you have to do is place half of the lemon peel in one of the compartments of your dishwasher and start the normal wash cycle. The results will be impressive: your dishes will be degreased, shiny and highly scented, just like your dishwasher. If you do this every time you wash, you can say goodbye to bad odors once and for all! You can use this trick whenever you want. What more could you ask for than a cheap and effective remedy?