Aluminum foil, to put on the mattress before going to bed: the ancient Chinese method

Aluminum foil can have multiple uses and, contrary to what you may think, it is not just for cooking. Let’s discover a method that you may not know about.

In fact, before going to bed, you can even place aluminum foil on the mattress. Let’s find out why below.

Aluminum foil: how to use it

Aluminum foil can have surprising uses.  Present in all our kitchens   , aluminum foil helps us cook without dirtying the oven too much, cooking dishes faster. It can also be used to cover and store food.

However, the aluminum foil  Not only   can  it  be used in the kitchen, but it has many other uses. For example, it acts as   a bollard on balconies to scare away pigeons.  By reflecting the light, they could become scared and avoid bending down.

Another use for aluminum foil is on the ironing board. Placed between the ironing board cover and the ironing board, it will allow you   to quickly iron clothes   on one side only. In fact, aluminum foil, by distributing heat evenly, will allow you to save time and iron your clothes in half the time, saving energy and effort. Seeing is believing.

There is another method that you probably didn’t know about and that has its origins in ancient China. Let’s see what it is.


Why put it on the mattress?

Have you ever thought that aluminum foil   can also be used on the mattress   ? This ancient Chinese remedy is especially useful if you have small children at home. In fact, they may start practicing sleeping without a diaper and going to the bathroom or holding urine at night.

The aluminum foil, to   avoid accidents on the mattress   , should be placed between the mattress cover and the mattress itself. It may sound strange, but aluminum foil is very useful in preventing urine moisture from reaching the mattress, staining it and making it smelly. This method is also useful if you have pets at home or to avoid the classic accidents of someone who usually consumes drinks in bed.

Many times we run to cover ourselves by buying mattress covers that promise to be waterproof. Sometimes, however, they are expensive and don’t get the job done. Aluminum foil could be a much simpler and cheaper remedy.


You think the   sound of aluminum foil   moving with you at night might bother you, so place a soft cloth over the aluminum foil. Of course, this is a temporary remedy. If the liquids that reach the mattress are abundant, they will have to be replaced or   professionally washed.

Once you use this method, we are sure you will never go back to old mattress covers that   don’t absorb properly.