Aluminum foil: Wrap your cutlery in it and you will see the result

Wrap your cutlery in aluminum foil and you will see the result  . Similar to  the trick of wrapping the front door with aluminum foil  , using aluminum foil for cutlery allows that foil to be used for other purposes.

In fact   , as you can already guess,  aluminum foil can restore the shine to silverware such as jewelry or cutlery  . We invite you to read on to learn more about this trick.

What causes the blackening of silver?

You should know that there are several reasons for silverware blackening   .  The first is direct contact with seawater. And the second is simply wearing silver jewelry permanently.

However, oxidation of silver items is not that easy to deal with. That’s why we recommend this aluminum foil trick, which promises expected efficiency.

Aluminum foil: Wrap your cutlery in it and you will see the result

It may seem impossible and yet the result is particularly surprising. Here are the steps you need to follow to use the aluminum foil:

  1. Pour boiling water  into a fairly spacious bowl  , ideally made of hard plastic
  2. Line the bottom and sides of the bowl with  aluminum foil.
  3. Place the silverware on top
  4. Wrap in fine salt
  5. Pour boiling water over and cover again with salt
  6. Let everything sit for a few hours  , ideally  5 hours  , so that the salt and aluminum foil work effectively
  7. When the time has elapsed  , remove the cutlery, being careful not to burn yourself  . It is best to wear gloves for this.
  8. Rinse well

Two alternative solutions

Marseille soap

The other solution is to use Marseille soap. Here are the steps you need to follow to perform this alternative trick:

  1. Place cutlery in a container
  2. Add three tablespoons of soap
  3. Pour water
  4. Wait a while before taking out the cutlery
  5. Wash

Toothpaste to make cutlery shine

  1. Put some  toothpaste  on the brush
  2. Rub the cutlery carefully
  3. Rinse well