Say goodbye to yellow rings on white t-shirts with just one spoonful of this ingredient

Say goodbye to yellow streaks on white t-shirts with just one scoop of this ingredient  . Whoever says summer and good weather says that you should wear white clothes every day to feel lighter. The only disadvantage is that  this type of clothing is easily yellowed due to strong sunlight, sweat and prolonged wear  . But with these ingredients you can restore their shade.

Say goodbye to yellow rings on white t-shirts with vinegar

Vinegar is particularly known for its  cleansing  and brightening effects.  Thus, this solution is intended to be a very effective bleaching agent  for eliminating  yellow halos  on T-shirts.

Here are the steps you need to follow to use white vinegar:

  1. Pour a glass of vinegar into a bowl of hot water
  2. Soak the white clothes in it and leave it for a few hours or even overnight.
  3. Rinse well and wash by hand or machine as usual

Another alternative to this trick is to  immediately pour a cup of vinegar into the washing machine’s detergent compartment and add a teaspoon of essential oil with the scent of your choice.

Baking soda: another natural ingredient to prefer

When we talk about natural detergent solutions, we can’t help but mention baking soda, which is both a  detergent  and a  bleaching agent  . To use baking soda you should:

  • Pour water into a basin
  • Add three tablespoons  of baking soda
  • Soak the shirts in it for a few hours or 12 hours

You can also  pour a portion of baking soda into the washing machine drum if you want to use this device.  It should be noted that this white powder is also an important ally in  eliminating traces of sweat  on the undershirts.


Like the previous ingredient, sodium percarbonate also helps restore the whiteness of white clothing. This way  you forget  about the bleach  . To use this product properly,  a minimum temperature of 40°C should  be preferred.  Simply add half a spoonful of the product to the washing machine and start washing.

Take advantage of the brightening effects of lemon juice

As you may already know, lemon is a great ally both in the home and in the laundry. In fact  , this citrus fruit is said to have whitening and deodorizing properties.

 To remove  yellow stains from white clothes with lemon  , you need to pour hot water into a bowl and add the juice of two large lemons.  Then let the clothes  soak for a few hours and rinse them before washing them normally by machine or hand  .