Put a bag of salt on the bedside table: you don’t even know what’s going on

You don’t even know what will happen if you  put a bag  of salt  on the nightstand  . As you read correctly, salt is not only widely used as  a spice  in the kitchen. It can very well be used for something else, which you will immediately discover in this article.

Put a bag of salt on the bedside table: you don’t even know what’s going on

For this trick  you will need coarse salt and one other ingredient  . You put them in a bag, which then   has to be placed  on the bedside table .This is a trick that few people know about but is still very effective.

This trick is many years old and yet timeless. In fact  , it can give you significant savings  since you can do it at home without spending a dime.

For what purpose?

So the secret is  to put coarse salt  and essential oil in a bag to release the smell of confinement in the room and in the different environments . So it is the trick of the salt on the bedside table that attracts bad smells. But you can also use this natural method  to prevent moisture from sheets, clothes and other items in the closet.

How do you do this trick?

  1. Place the coarse salt in a bowl
  2. Add two drops of essential oil of your choice
  3. Stir well with a wooden spoon
  4. Place the mixture in a perforated cloth bag
  5. Close with a ribbon  and place at the bottom of the drawer, bottom of the wardrobe or on the bedside table

Aside from this trick, you can also use salt to  clean and shine a kitchen item  .  We recommend that you  take a look at this tip , which will be particularly useful for you.