Refrigerator that doesn’t cool and makes noise: This is the solution to the problem

Here is the  solution to the problem of the refrigerator not cooling and making noise  . One of the  devices that  is used most frequently every day, including at night, is the refrigerator. And we get very worried when the refrigerator makes unusual noises, which is accompanied by a malfunction in the cooling system.

Refrigerator that doesn’t cool and makes noise: This is the solution to the problem

If you notice that the  refrigerator  is making unusual noises and is no longer cooling, there could be several reasons. These can be simple, but also quite complicated. The reason could, for example,  simply be that the refrigerator temperature is too low.

Remember that  the temperature should be kept between 4 and 6 degrees  . Also make sure the thermostat is set correctly.

Check on the capacitor side

If you are already well informed about the temperature, you should  start by checking the capacitor.  The latter may be damaged or  filled with  dust  . This is also  the cause of the unpleasant noise  . To solve this problem, you need to  clean this component regularly  . However, if unfortunately the  capacitor is broken  , you may need to think about  replacing the  refrigerator  .

Refrigerator that doesn’t cool and makes noise: The cause is the thermostat

The problem can also come from the thermostat, whose internal system is not working  . Therefore the temperature is wrong. In general, this problem is not noticeable.

If a problem occurs with the operation of the thermostat, a professional technician must be called.  You may notice ice at the location of the turbine.  

If it is still possible to replace the thermostat, then that is good news. However, if the problem is more serious, the refrigerator must be replaced as there is no way out.  As a preventive measure, you should make it a habit to have a professional check the refrigerator’s proper functioning every six months or once a year.