Ammonia in the washing machine, this is what happens to the clothes if you do it: unthinkable

Have you ever thought about putting ammonia in the washing machine? If you wash clothes, you can’t imagine how it happens. This is how you should use it from now on to get an excellent result.  Ammonia is a very powerful and toxic substance, so it must be used with great caution   . You should always be aware that you are using a chemical product and therefore you must exercise caution. Ammonia should always be diluted before using it in household tasks.

Always protect your hands and be careful not to inhale this substance.  It is important to know that you should never mix it with bleach,   otherwise you risk creating a potentially very, very toxic substance. Remember to always ventilate when using it.

ammonia in the washing machine
 As we said, it can be used for household tasks and for example for cleaning the kitchen, floors, carpets, glass objects and even for laundry. In fact,   using ammonia in the washing machine will surprise you because the result is really excellent, doing it is simple   and you will see it right away. Here you have all the details about its use.

Ammonia in the washing machine: it should be put that way

As we just said,   ammonia can be used for household chores and also for laundry   . For example, it is excellent for removing stains from clothes without bleaching the clothes. In fact, ammonia has a strong degreasing power but it is better to use gloves when you know that.

In fact, to get clothes that are always shiny, you can add about 5 tablespoons of ammonia to your usual detergent   . It is important not to exceed it and therefore use this proportion with 500 ml of product. This way your clothes will be clean and disinfected. This will give you unique cleanliness and hygiene.

Washing machine
 You can also use ammonia to wash sweaters, in this garment you only need a small capful to add to the detergent dispenser   . Then activate a wash at 30° without adding any other material. So remember not to run the juicer or run it at very low speed.

Ammonia can also be used to clean the washing machine because its components are not damaged by this product   . Therefore, it has no effect on the drum or other internal parts and you can use it to leave the washing machine very clean and have equally clean clothes.

wash clothes with ammonia
 As we have already said, you have to be careful with leather and therefore use it carefully.  Then dilute   the ammonia with water and start cleaning the gasket. Then you can also carry out a total cleaning by activating a quick program and pouring ammonia into the detergent compartment.

You may have noticed that ammonia is very useful but also very toxic, so we remind you once again to be careful.  So you can also try using it and notice the first changes in your laundry   . Brighter colors and softer fabrics. Simply make a washing machine and add it to see the results of your clothes.