Anti-yellow shampoo for gray hair: 2 ingredients are enough to make it uniform

Wearing platinum hair is a trend that has taken hold for a few years now, and has the advantage of being able to give our hair some relief from the effects of dyes. However, it is not easy to achieve this effect without resorting to tricks.

One of the secrets to having perfect platinum hair is to use the right anti-yellow shampoo , capable of evening out gray hair and giving it a more modern look. In this article we explain how to prepare it.

The appearance of gray hair is one of the first signs of aging and is caused by a reduction in melanin production. Stress, nutritional deficiencies and bad habits such as smoking can accelerate or worsen the appearance of gray hair.

The problem is that gray hair doesn’t always stay gray, but can turn yellow and take on an unkempt appearance . This happens due to the oxidation of a pigment that gives dark color to black or brown hair, causing an alteration in the composition of the fatty acids that bind the hair fibers together.

Anti-yellow shampoo contains purple or blue pigments that neutralize the yellowness of the hair . Carefully follow the recipe that we present below to prepare one at home.

To get started you need your favorite shampoo and purple vegetable dye drops.

Pour the shampoo into a container, then add 25-30 drops of vegetable coloring and mix thoroughly until you obtain a uniform color.

Put the shampoo back in its bottle and use it normally, at least three times a week. Remember to let it act on your hair for at least 5 minutes before rinsing.

Now that you know how to prepare your own anti-yellow shampoo for gray hair, you can show off your platinum hair without having to constantly touch it up.