Attach two plastic bottles to the fan, what happens next is a surprise

Although it may seem absurd, attaching two plastic bottles to the fan can solve two big problems for you. Here are some.

It would be wonderful if life were simpler; a consistently downhill, problem-free ride. Unfortunately, however, this is not the case and we often spend a lot of our time looking for the right  solutions  to everything that happens to us. Fortunately, as in any context, problems vary in severity. There are more serious problems that usually arise in situations where we need more time and more help to solve them. And then there are the small inconveniences, the solution to which is often  before our eyes  .

For example, we are currently in  summer  , a season in which the same two major dilemmas arise every year: the  heat  and the increasing bills due to frequent air conditioning use. In fact, high temperatures can only be counteracted by cooling the home environment. However, if on the one hand this solves the heat problem, on the other hand  excessive costs arise for the utilities.  In short: one of the two.

Fortunately, in these cases, the so-called “grandmother tricks” often come to our aid:  simple home remedies  with which we can solve small everyday problems with little effort and a lot of ingenuity, and  free of charge  . In this context, let’s find out together how you can combat the summer heat without necessarily having to spend excessive amounts of money.

Attach two plastic bottles to the fan

Summer is of course beautiful, but the fact is that even in this season there are little annoyances, such as the heat, the arch enemy of all of us! To avoid resorting to air conditioning and thus spending too much, you can always resort to the classic  fan  . However, it does not always provide the desired benefit, especially when the temperature is particularly high.

Why attach two plastic bottles to the fan?

However, the fact is that with a little skill you can still achieve the desired result, that is, spend little and at the same time tolerate the heat better. All we need in this case is a fan, two  plastic bottles  (even half-liter bottles will do) and ice cubes.

Let’s start by placing the two empty water bottles cap side down and cutting off the other end. Next, we heat the tip of a screwdriver and drill small  holes  in the half of the bottle below the cut; However, we leave the other half intact.

How to reuse plastic bottles

At this point we attach the two bottles  to the back of the fan using a piece of wire  through the holes we just drilled   , always with the cut end up and the cap down.

Combat the heat sparingly

After carrying out the “DIY structural improvement” of the fan, you can finally consult the protagonist of this remedy, namely  ice  .

Simply place a few cubes in the bottles on the back of the fan, let it run at the desired speed and finally enjoy the cooling down.

Ice cubes to crank the fan

Over time, the ice will naturally melt, so the process will need to be repeated. However, first we have to remove the water residues deposited in our bottles. To empty them, simply place any container underneath and  unscrew the lid  .

After removing the water and making sure that you have closed the bottles well,  we repeat the process  as many times as we want. Suffering from the heat at home in this way will only be a bad and distant memory.