Dishwashing liquid and salt, have you ever tried mixing them? You don’t really expect the result

By combining two ingredients such as Fabuloso floor cleaner and salt, a powerful all-purpose cleaner is created.

Household cleaning  is a task that requires a lot of  effort  , and using the  right products  can mean the difference between a  perfectly clean surface  and a  mediocre one  . If you’re looking for a  powerful all-purpose cleaner  that’s both  effective and affordable  , you’ll be surprised to know that you  can make it yourself by combining two  common ingredients  :  salt  and  Fabuloso floor cleaner  .

Fabulous and Salt: Why It Works

The reason why this  mixture  works so well is due to the  properties  of the individual components. Salt, long   known  for its abrasive properties , has a deep cleaning effect and is able   to remove stubborn  dirt and stains . In addition,  salt also has natural  disinfectant properties  and  effectively  fights bacteria  on surfaces.

Multi-purpose cleaner

On the other hand, Fabuloso is   a  floor cleaner  widely known for its  effectiveness  in cleaning and  perfuming  rooms. Its  special formula  removes  grease  ,  dust  and  stains  and leaves a  fresh, clean scent.  When combined with  salt,  Fabuloso becomes even more  powerful and versatile.

How to make and use the all-purpose cleaner

The  recipe  for this  DIY all-purpose cleaner  is simple. In a bowl, mix  two tablespoons of salt  with  two cups of Fabuloso  . Next, add  two cups of vinegar  and  one cup of liquid detergent  . This combination creates a highly effective  cleaning solution that   can be used to clean a variety of household surfaces.

The  versatility  of this  DIY cleaner  is one of its  strengths  .  It can  be used  in different areas of the home, from the kitchen  to the  bathroom  , and can  handle a variety of cleaning challenges.

For example, it is particularly suitable for  removing stubborn grease stains  , such as those that occur in the  microwave  . Simply apply the cleaner to the  surface you want to clean, let it  work for a few minutes  and then rub it with a  sponge  or  cloth  . The  abrasive properties  of salt act on  stains  , while   Fabuloso  cleaning products  effectively remove grease .

Why it is better to make a cleaner with Fabuloso and salt

But that’s not all: producing this  versatile DIY cleaner  also has  economic benefits  . Buying  prepackaged cleaning products  can  be expensive  , especially considering how  often  they are used.

Mix Fabuloso and salt

Making your own  cleaning product ,  on the other hand  , saves  money in the long run by   using readily available  and  inexpensive  ingredients like  salt  and  Fabuloso . In addition, you have control over the  amount of product  you want to prepare and can  adapt it to your specific needs.

Please note  , however, that as with all  cleaning products , it is advisable to test   the DIY cleaner on a  small, inconspicuous area  first before using it on a larger area  .  This way you can check the compatibility of the cleaner with the material  to be cleaned   and avoid any possible  damage  .

The bottom line is that, as we  discovered,  you can  tackle  household cleaning with ease and achieve brilliant results with this all-purpose cleaner   . Try this  DIY recipe  and find out how this simple but effective  mixture can make  your  home  even  cleaner and more fragrant.